Freedom is dying from 1000 cuts in Canada

Jason Kenney, the Demonic Dwarf currently occupying the Premier’s chair in Alberta, is preparing for a leadership convention.  His top competition is the same guy as last time, Brian Jean.  Brian Jean is making the media rounds explaining how he would have been better choice than Jason Kenney.  Since Jason Kenney is the worst premier in Alberta’s history that should be a very easy task yet somehow Brain jean is failing miserably.


Brian Jean thinks Jason Kenney’s COVID response was poor because his echo chamber was not loud enough.  He thinks adding one more voice calling for the destruction of the province would have made things so much better.  Brian Jean has been out of politics for 2 years so maybe he has not been paying attention.  If that is the case Brian let me explain to you how incredibly stupid your statement really is.

I can think of 3 very good reason to not have Rachel Notley in the room while discussing COVID policy, or any policy for that matter.

  1. You already know what she is going to Say.

Not a single person in Alberta does not know Rachel’s thoughts on COVID.  Rachel is not shy about giving COVID policy advice and Alberta media is not shy about giving her a platform.  After every rule change the media gives Rachel ample time to air her opinion without challenging her on the “science” she claims to be following.  Rachel Notley’s opinion on COVID policy never changed in 2 years and can be summed as follows.  Jason Kenney is not destroying Alberta quickly enough with COVID regulations.  Whatever Jason is doing she would do more of much sooner.


  1. Rachel Notley is the second worst Premier in Alberta history.

In the competition to destroy Alberta Jason Kenney and Rachel Notley are neck and neck.  The other Premiers don’t even come close.  In Recent years Alberta has endured the Forest Gump of politics, Ed Stelmach, and a corrupt UN bureaucrat, Allison Redford.  Those 2 together did not manage to do the damage that either Rachel or Jason did.  How would things have been better by collaborating with the only other person to suck at the Job as badly as Jason?


  1. Rachel Notley is in the room by proxy anyway.

Alberta’s Chief medical officer and co-architect of COVID policy, Deena Hinshaw, was appointed by Rachel Notley.  In Canada top level bureaucrats are not appointed for competence.  They are appointed for unwavering party loyalty.  Old school communist Rachel would never have made the appointment if Deena was not also a dyed in the wool communist.  Rachel and Deena are ideological soul mates and both equally inept at public health.  Without a doubt, after every policy meeting Deena goes straight from Jason’s office to Rachel’s office for debrief and further instruction.  The fact that Jason does not understand how badly Deena is playing him proves how unintelligent he really is.  Or more ominously, it proves his vision for Alberta is identical to Rachel’s vision for Alberta.

Alberta was once free and prosperous.  Albertans would look at the lunacy in other provinces and shake their heads.  There was a time when I believed I was returning to freedom when I crossed the Alberta/BC or Alberta/Saskatchewan Border.  Sadly I no longer think that.  Albertans are under attack.  We are at war with our governments and they are relentless.  Today is another world wide rally for freedom.  The mayor of Calgary is using the courts to shut it down.

The mayor of Calgary is using the courts and police to prevent anyone from complaining about loss of freedom.  The political apparatus in Alberta is actively moving to shut down freedom and the best option we have is Brian Jean?  We are truly screwed.  The last bastion of freedom in Canada has fallen.

The Enemy of my Enemy

The war drums are pounding louder every day, even in Canada public sentiment leans towards war.

Don’t you find this as odd as I do?  Canadians are not willing to fight for democracy in Canada where it used to exist but will in the Ukraine where democracy has never existed?  This is not quite as contradictory as it may seem.  Canadians are the kings of empty virtue signalling.  If you ask Canadians if NATO should intervene in Ukraine they will always clutch their chest and breathlessly exclaim YES.  If, instead, you ask Canadians if they or their family should go to war to defend Ukraine they will say no.  Canadian’s always prefer that someone else pay the price for what they want; that is why socialism is so popular in Canada.

Despite the fondness our liberal government has for Ukrainian Fascists I doubt Canada will get involved in the Ukraine.

Trudeau gets most of his income from China so until china gets involved I suspect Canada will sit this one out.

If China gets involved things will get very interesting for Canada.  China has an alliance with Russia and Putin is no fan of Trudeau.

I confess I am a little envious of Russians right now.  If we could Ban Trudeau from visiting Canada just think how good our lives could be.

The world has definitely changed.  Just one month ago the SARS COV 2 virus was our enemy.  Every night the news updated how we were faring in the war on COVID; their words not mine.  I could never understand why anyone would declare war on a virus.  The virus holds no malice towards me.  The news was quick to tell me that the disease caused a disruption in the economy and my life.  The Big problem with that narrative is that is not true.

The SARS COV 2 virus did not close a single business.  It did not prevent me from entering a restaurant or leaving the country.  Government did that.  Now that same government is telling me Vladimir Putin is destroying democracy.  I also don’t understand that either.  How did Putin elbow his way past Trudeau in that line?  Vladimir Putin did not illegally declare an emergency and use that as an excuse to beat and imprison Canadians.  Justin Trudeau did that.

Putin did invade a neighboring country but Ukraine would need to have been a democracy for that to count as an assault on democracy.  Even if Ukraine had been democratic I am not sure invading it is necessarily an assault on democracy.  The US has invaded multiple countries.  Canada has not only because we cannot.  The only country we border is the US.  I am sure that during the Trump presidency Gerald Butts had to explain to Justin Trudeau why invading the US would not turn out well for Canada.  Given what a slow learner Justin is, that was likely a weekly conversation.

Nevertheless the world seems eager to jump in to the Ukraine conflict.  The same people that tried to tell us that COVID was an existential threat now want us to believe that Vladimir Putin is.  I did not believe them about COVID and I do not believe it about Putin either.  Was COVID dangerous?  Yes to some people, just not to most people.  Is Vladimir Putin dangerous?  Yes to some people, just not to most people.

How can I be so certain about this?  Mostly because the people who lied to me about COVID are the same people who are demonizing Putin.  There is a credibility gap miles wide and deep.  With the Ukraine narrative they have done nothing to close that gap.  They are lying to us again.

Just step back for a moment and think about what we are being told.  Every day we are told 2 contradictory things.  We are told the Russian military is bogged down and losing.  Then we are told we need to do more to support Ukraine.  If Ukraine is winning why do we need to do anything?  The vaccine only works is someone else takes it.

Could it be that they are lying to us, again?  Are they prepared to tell even larger lies just like they did with COVID?  That is certainly what this Chilean journalist in Ukraine thinks.


Things are going so well for the Ukraine that we need a false flag operation before Russia wins and it is too late to send troops.  We need to ask why our “leaders” are so anxious to go to war with Vladimir Putin.  Ukraine is not the only war going on in the world right now.  Why don’t we want to intervene in any of those wars?  The race baiters will tell you it is because Ukrainians are white and all the other wars involve brown and black people.  The problem with that explanation is that Russians are also white.  We would be killing white people to defend white people.  That hardly advances a white supremacy agenda.  The problem is not the color of the combatants, the problem is that Putin refuses to play nice with globalists like Trudeau.


#WHO #WakeupAmerica

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Vladimir Putin is many things both good and bad.  He might be a tyrant but he is also a patriot.  Vladimir Putin Believes in Russia and the Russian people.  This is a real problem for globalists like Trudeau.  Trudeau is openly disdainful of “old Stock” Canadians.  Trudeau does not believe in Canada or Canadians.  He is all in on the great reset and the great reset requires the elimination of nations.

If Klaus Schwab succeeds there will be no more national governments, just a small group in Davos charging you rent for everything.  Trudeau is all in because he believes he will be one of that group of newly crowned royals.  He is sadly mistaken.  Trudeau is the epitome of a useful idiot.  When the revolution is over he will still be an idiot but no longer useful; he will be executed in the first round.

Right now the person who threatens the great reset is Vladimir Putin; that makes him the globalists’ enemy but not my enemy.  My enemy is the globalists who weaponized a virus and used it to eliminate my rights and destroy my children’s future.  Vladimir Putin had no hand in that.  I have great sympathy for ordinary Ukrainians because they are being used as pawns in a proxy war but I have no animosity towards Putin for one simple reason.  The enemy of my enemy is my friend.

The Problem is Problem Identification

Several weeks ago I posted a video of Dr. Byram Bridle.  He was giving a speech and at one point lamented that you can’t read the conclusions of a paper and believe them because the data often did not support the conclusion.  Unfortunately the same can be said about journalism.  You can’t read the headline and know what happened.  Take this recent headline.

If you read the article you can instantly spot the problem with the headline.  Hailey Bieber was hospitalized for a blood clot in her Brain.  She was tested for COVID.  They do not tell us the results of the test which tells me she tested negative and has not had COVID.  The closest Hailey Bieber ever got to COVID was being married to someone who had COVID.

To believe the headline I need to believe that Hailey’s blood clot was a complication of a disease she never had.  Mrs. Bieber may not have had COVID but I can guarantee she has had multiple injections of a treatment known to cause blood clots.  I guess I would suck as a doctor because I would have suspected the jab long before I suspected a disease I confirmed she did not have.  They must teach a very different form of logic in med school from the logic I learned in engineering school.

Seriously, how long are we going to avoid talking about vaccine injuries?  How many people need to die?  We are still using these clot shots because we refuse to look at the root cause of problems like blood clots.  We accept the easy solution proposed by government.  According to the government and their media lap dogs every problem in the world right now is caused by either COVID or Putin.  Our stubborn refusal to discuss the actual root cause of problems is why we never solve any problems.  If we jump to the conclusion that Mrs. Biebers problem was due to COVID then the obvious solution is a booster shot; the very thing that likely caused the clot.

I have worked as an Engineer for 34 years.  People pay me to solve problems.  They usually hire me after multiple expensive “solutions” failed.  In almost every instance the previous “solutions” failed because the root causes were never identified.  People went with their gut or the opinions of “experts”.  That is not my approach.  I spend a lot of time identifying the problem before proposing a solution.  That means gathering and analyzing data; thinking before acting.  Often the real solution turns out to be far cheaper and easier than anything tried previously.

Solving problems is not really that difficult.  It just involves reading beyond the headline and discarding the advice of anyone who anoints themselves an expert.  Why the hell is every government on earth incapable of that?

After 2 years and Millions of vaccine injuries I wish I could say this was Over, but I can’t

I am part of a small texting group.  Normally the group discusses business issues.  This morning the group had a spirited discussion about whether COVID restrictions might finally be ending for good.  The discussion was prompted by this recent article.

Some in the group thought this was a positive sign that businesses were finally willing to openly question the need for some of the government restrictions.  Others were worried that by being too diplomatic the airline industry was setting themselves up for more restrictions next year.  Why would the government refrain from re-instituting vax passes when the airline industry publicly acknowledged that at one point Vax passes did serve a purpose?

Of course the airline industry felt they had to tread carefully.  Government is full of childish narcissists who are likely to lash out if you don’t stroke their egos.  They obviously worried if they questioned a policy before first praising it government would react poorly.  I agree with their assessment of how a petulant child will react to criticism unfortunately praising stupidity guarantees more of it.

Despite outward appearances this is not over.  Our reprieve from Tyranny is Temporary.  Governments have dropped Vax passes because they have become a flash point but that has not dampened their desire to get a needle in every arm.  The Government of Ontario is sending this letter out to General Practitioners in Ontario.

The script writers behind Doug Ford want doctors to phone and harass unvaccinated patients.  This Harassment will no doubt escalate over the coming months and will not stop after the first 2 shots.  There will be a third, a fourth, and then yearly boosters.  How do I know that?  I know that because that is what Pfizer wants.


I have learned many things over the last 2 years.  One of those things is that Pfizer gets what Pfizer wants.  I have also come to accept that it does not matter how many people are injured by an unnecessary medical treatment.  All that matters is demonstrating complete obedience to government.  The ultimate display of fealty to our overlords now is to die from the Jab.  Vaccination centers are a modern version of the colosseum.  Emperor Trudeau likes to watch as his subject die for his entertainment.


The only crimes punished in Canada are disagreeing with Trudeau or exposing his Corruption

During the Freedom Convoy protest main stream Journalists stood behind the police and dutifully reported government propaganda.  There were a few independent journalists who ventured among the protesters to find out who they were and what their concerns were.  This did not sit well with Justin Trudeau.  Trudeau likes his journalists the same as his cabinet ministers; stupid and compliant.  Just ask Jody Wilson-Raybould what happens when you don’t fit that mold.

The police relayed Justin’s disapproval by shooting a Rebel New reporter point blank with a tear gas canister.  Rebel News reporters have become a favorite target for police brutality, police act as if their bonuses are proportional to the bruises they inflict.  While Justin has definitely painted a target on Rebel News they are not the only independent journalists in his cross hairs.  This morning I found this.

Trudeau did not just freeze the bank accounts of protesters.  He also froze the accounts of independent journalists.  Andy Lee committed the worst of all crimes in Canada.  She was practicing real journalism.  Real Journalism is very subversive.  Practiced properly it uncovers information Justin would prefer to keep secret.  Information like where the Trudeau foundation gets money from.  This is from the article.

Andy Lee is a mother, former federal candidate, and an independent journalist who had gained a rather large Twitter following over the last year for her excellent reporting connecting the Trudeau Foundation to various Chinese Communist Party actors and organizations.

So the only journalist to get their accounts frozen just happens to be the journalist who exposed financial links between Justin Trudeau and communist China.  This is just a coincidence right?  There is no polite way of saying this.  If you think any of this is about a virus or public safety you are seriously cognitively impaired.

Climate Change, COVID, and now the Ukraine. The Script Writers have been Busy.

I apologize for the length of the post.  Please bear with me I do eventually come to a point.

First they fabricated, then manufactured, and now they have instigated one.  You might ask yourself who they are and what am I talking about?  Well, I don’t really know who they are.  I know they exist and in my last post I referred to them as the script writers.  I can’t think of a more descriptive name so I will stick with that.  What the script writers have fabricated, manufactured, and instigated are emergencies.

The script writers find emergencies to be very convenient.  Emergencies allow script writers to get away with things we would normally execute them for.  Before I discuss what they are doing I want to spend a minute and discuss the 3 separate script written emergencies.

The Fabricated emergency is climate change.  It is normal to have climate change.  There has never been a time when climate did not change.  The script writers took a completely ordinary occurrence and convinced us it was abnormal and constituted an emergency.  Their villain was CO2 something the planet cannot exist without.  Eliminating CO2 means eliminating life yet somehow they sold this as a good idea.

The manufactured emergency is COVID.  The virus is real but the emergency is not.  Aside from being real the virus is also very much manufactured.  The script writers paid Chinese researchers to develop and release a virus.  Fear was stoked and another existential emergency declared.  Cold and flu season suddenly became just as scary as photosynthesis.

The instigated emergency is the war in The Ukraine.  This is a real war and people are dying so this is at least an actual emergency.  It is also a direct result of the script writers and they have been working on this almost as long as the climate emergency.  The fabricated climate emergency started 1988; Al Gore kicked it in to high gear in 2005. The instigated Ukrainian war was started in 1994 and hit warp speed with the fraudulent election of Joe Biden in 2020.

After the fall of the Soviet Union the Ukraine became independent but their geography will forever tie them to Russia.  In fact the city of Kiev was once the capital of the Kievan Rus Empire that encompassed Ukraine and most of modern Russia.  In some respects Putin is correct; the Ukrainians and Russians are one people and have been for more than 1000 years.  There was simply no way that Ukraine and Russia would not have some sort of association.  Left alone, with adults in charge, Ukraine and Russia would have come to some sort of arrangement, however uneasy it might have been.

Russia and Ukraine co-existing in peace was something that the script writers would not stand for so the two countries were not left to find a way to live with each other.  The first intervention by the script writers was in 1994.  They sent Bill Clinton to the Ukraine to convince Ukrainians to give up their nukes.

After the fall of the Soviet Union the Ukraine had hundreds of nuclear missiles.  This would have put them in a strong bargaining position with Russia.  The Ukraine could have forged a lasting peace with Russia.  A peace that would not have cost them much when negotiating with their larger neighbor.  Bill Clinton destroyed that strong position.  He convinced the Ukraine to send their missiles back to Russia in return for a hollow promise that the US would defend Ukraine if Russia invaded.  We are in the middle of the second Russian invasion and US troops still cannot be found in the Ukraine.

So step one was complete.  The Ukraine no longer had a military deterrent.  The Larger Russian Army could take Ukraine at their leisure.  Step 2 would take much more work.  The script writers needed to give Russia a reason to invade.  Step 2 would unfold slowly over the next 28 years.  Step 2 was a 2 pronged attack.  First Russia needed to be provoked and backed in to a corner.  Second Ukraine must be kept from ever negotiating with Russia.

Provoking and cornering Russia was easy.  NATO kept expanding through Eastern Europe until it was right on Russia’s border (Latvia and Estonia).  The map below shows the year in which each country joined NATO.  NATO steadily encroached on Russia’s borders.  There was no way that this would not provoke Russia.

Ukraine is not a NATO member but in 2020 they were granted enhanced opportunity partner status, whatever that is.  2023 was the target date set for their full acceptance to NATO.  This would have been disastrous for Russia.  NATO would occupy almost the entire western border with Russia.  Russia had every reason to prevent further NATO expansion.  That meant convincing Ukraine not to join or invading.  The script writers made sure invasion was their only option.

In 2004 Ukrainians elected Victor Yanukovych.  Yanukovych was ethnically Russian (as many Ukrainians are) and spoke Russian.  The script writers could not risk that he would have cordial relations with Russia.  They sent the CIA in to produce a color revolution.  The CIA financed demonstrations and produced propaganda claiming election fraud.  The election was declared fraudulent and the CIA selected a more acceptable leader.

There was no fraud.  Yanukovych was actually very popular.  So popular he became Prime Minister in 2006 and was elected president for the second time in 2010.  This time the CIA was not able to finance another color revolution and Yanukovych became as problematic as they had feared.

Yanukovych is exactly what the script writers did not want for the Ukrainian; he is an adult.  He knew that without nukes his bargaining position with Russia was weak.  His only leverage was the port at Sevastopol in the Crimea.  The Russians need it for their Navy.  It is their only warm water port; ice free year round.  Yanukovych knew that if he did not forge an agreement, Russia would just take it.  In 2010 Yanukovych gave Russia a 32 year lease in return for discounted natural gas.

The script writers were not happy.  Their discontent only grew when in 2013 Yanukovych refused to join the European Union.  Again Yanukovych was a realist.  Joining The EU would impact all of the trade Ukraine did with Russia.  The negative impact to the Ukrainian economy was estimated to be in the hundreds of billions.  Yanukovych was not willing to do that to his people.  This was the last straw.  The CIA staged a coup in 2014 and Yanukovych fled to Russia.  Putin immediately invaded and annexed the entire Crimea to secure his navy base at Sevastopol.

The final invasion of Ukraine was inevitable; the script had already been written.  Ukraine became another emergency to be exploited.  So why do the script writers work so hard to manufacture and exploit emergencies?  Well the devil is in the details or rather the emergency solutions.  Consider the table below.

Emergency Solution Applied Climate Change COVID Ukraine
Censor any dissenting opinions ensuring acceptable group think X X X
confiscate wealth through taxation or regulation X X X
Transfer Wealth to Government friendly businesses X X X
Restrict movement and association of citizens X X X
Demonization and social ostracization of identifiable groups X X X
Promotion of Hate speech towards identifiable groups X X X


Don’t you find this interesting?  The solution to climate change, viral outbreaks, and military invasion are all the same; elimination of human rights and re-distribution of wealth.  A cynic might think these emergencies are fabricated, manufactured, or instigated as a means to remodel our entire society.  It is almost like they are working on some sort of Great Reset.

To me the most unsettling thing is not what the script writers are doing but how long they have been doing it for.  Since 1988 when the first fake emergency was conceived the US has had 6 presidents.  Canada has had 6 prime ministers and the UK 7.  Heads of state have changed multiple times but the script never has.  It is obvious that the people we elect are not part of the script writer’s guild.  They are just actors delivering lines written for them by the guild.

We are told we need to support Ukraine to defend democracy.  I am not sure that democracy exists anywhere.  It certainly does not exist in the Ukraine where the CIA has picked as many presidents as the voters and a duly elected president is living in exile. The will of the people is obviously secondary to the prewritten scripts.

The Script writers are calling all the shots and we don’t even know who they are.  These people are experts at operating in the shadows.  We need to find a light large enough to expose these vermin.  Then we need an exterminator.



Who writes the Scripts?

When the plandemic started I often asked are politicians evil or stupid?  I could never quite decide which it was.  Now after observing Canadian Politicians closely for 2 years I have decided that they are all stupid; it is the people putting words in their mouths who are evil.

Justin Trudeau and Jason Kenney do not write their own speeches and statements.  They can’t, they are barely literate.  This is very apparent when they are asked questions their handlers did not anticipate.  When that happens Trudeau he does one of 2 things.  He either walks out without answering or he recites a memorized response to a completely different question.  Jason Kenney makes the bigger mistake of trying to answer.

A year ago Jason Kenney was interviewed by Daniel Smith about the COVID lockdowns.  Daniel asked some very basic but important questions about COVID.  Kenney was unable to answer any of them.  The COVID lockdowns are the most significant event in decades and the man imposing them on Alberta knows nothing about COVID.  The guy that confidently stands at the podium reading a prepared script does not know what any of it means.

So who is writing the script?  In Ontario Doug Ford admitted that he just does what the chief medical officer tells him to do.  Then his Chief medical officer was caught on camera admitting she just reads scripts she has been handed.  Doug Ford does not know who composes his scripts and does not care.

Doug Ford is exactly the kind of politician that the people in charge like.  Stupid and compliant.  Doug Ford has one flaw however.  He is so stupid he cannot stay quiet.  Sometimes he says things his handlers have no doubt warned him not to say.


Doug Ford just admitted he does not understand why he imposed any restrictions.  Even he has figured out the rules do not work.

I find this short video very illuminating for 2 reasons.  First, one of the least intelligent people on the planet has figured out the restrictions make no sense and the vaccines do not work.  If you are angry with unvaccinated you should take a minute to think about that and what it implies about your cogitative abilities.  Second, Doug Ford did not apologize.  The people of Ontario have been abused for 2 years and Doug Ford feels no responsibility because none of this was his decision.  He was just a spectator in this corrupt affair.

Unfortunately there are far too many Doug Fords in Canada.  People who were content to be spectators as the government trampled their rights and persecuted their neighbors.  The time for spectating is over.  This was never about a virus and the people we elect are not driving the bus.  This was always about eliminating rights and dividing us; necessary conditions for the great reset.

Spring has arrived and restrictions are being lifted.  Do not be fooled by this.  Restrictions were lifted last spring as well.  They will be back next fall.  The assault on human rights is not over.  The government and media are now trying to convince us that free speech is a threat to the governance of the country.

The Freedom convoy was 100% peaceful.  It is the only protest in my memory that resulting in a reduction in street crime.  Yet the media wants us to believe that the protesters wanted to overthrow the government.  I think a group that wants to overthrow the government would not show up with children, hot tubs, and bouncy castles.  The script writers are aggressively demonizing the Freedom Convoy protesters for one purpose.  They want to make it illegal to criticize policies they give Justin to implement.  That should send a chill down everyone’s spine.

It is not about a virus or a vaccine, it is about control and absolute power.


For your children’s sake stand up.  It is time to pull back the curtain and find out who is really in charge.


Doing the right thing is a punishable offense in Canada

2 Weeks ago I drove to Ottawa to support the freedom convoy.  I arrived too late.  By the time I got there Trudeau had already sent his brown shirts to beat his political opponents.  What Trudeau did was shockingly criminal but for some bizarre reason Canadians were not upset by it.  Canadian’s easily accepted that the Prime Minister was not obligated to obey the law.  Canadians obviously don’t care about Canada or the welfare of their fellow Canadians.  While Canadians don’t care about the destruction of Canada, what Trudeau did does not sit well with Europeans.


Europeans have noticed the only difference between Justin Trudeau and Vladimir Putin is that Putin commands a functioning military.

While I was not able to take part in the protests I did have a chance to thank a few truckers as they were packing up to leave.

While I was walking around thanking truckers, I noticed most shops near parliament were closed.  I thought at the time that this was a very stupid move.  Why would you close your shop when thousands of potential customers were milling around outside your shop every day?  At the time I blamed the media.  Their constant propaganda painting the most peaceful protest in history as dangerous must have scared the shop keepers.  I only learned later that Ottawa’s Mayor asked them to close.

How callous is that?  After 2 years of nonsensical COVID restrictions these store owners are in financial difficulty.  Most are behind on their rent and the Mayor wanted them to turn down business to support his political agenda.  Incredibly most of them acquiesced to the mayors wishes.  One business that did not close was the Iconic Café.  They stayed open and catered to the truckers.  They did so much business that after 3 weeks they were able to pay $15,000 in back rent.  Unfortunately standing up to the lunatic left has consequences in Canada.  They were harassed by the police and have now been evicted.

Evicted for serving coffee to people who do not believe anyone should be forced to take a medical treatment against their will.  A medical treatment that has produced no benefit anywhere it has been used including Canada.

Fully vaccinated people are dying all over the world.  The vaccines have obviously failed.  The normal reaction to this would be to stop vaccinating and punish those responsible for this expensive debacle.  The Canadian response is to persecute shop keepers for selling coffee to the wrong people.  Makes you proud to be Canadian now doesn’t it?


Why does the choice of Weapon make one Murderer worse than Another?

The Media is all in on Ukraine in an effort to avoid discussing COVID.  They are desperate to pivot the discussion to Putin’s human rights violations so no one asks about the last 2 years of COVID inspired human rights violations the media supported and enabled.  I am sure any leftist who accidentally stumbles across my blog will be triggered by what I just stated.  They will believe that it is a gross exaggeration to compare COVID tyranny to Russian tyranny, but is it?

According to this news article from yesterday 400 Ukrainian civilities have died so far as a result of Putin’s Invasion.

400 deaths is a rounding error when compared to deaths caused by western governments during COVID.  Most western governments outlawed the use of hydroxychloroquine a drug proven effective against SARS viruses.  This was was documented by the high priest of COVID, Anthony Fauci, in a 2005 research paper.  Treatment protocols using hydroxychloroquine, like the McCullough protocol, reduce deaths by 85% yet they are outlawed in most western countries.  In Canada alone outlawing hydroxychloroquine (and Ivermectin) increased COVID deaths by more than 31,000 (85% of the official 37,093 COVID deaths).

If you are keeping score that means Justin Trudeau has Killed 80 times as many civilians as Vladimir Putin.  When it comes to killing civilians Putin is an amateur compared to Justin Trudeau.  This comparison does not look good even before considering people Justin killed with lockdowns and vaccines.

Of course Putin is not done killing civilians but then again neither is Justin.  In Trudeau’s Canada he has enlisted businesses to help him in the slaughter.

While the rest of the world is using the distraction of Ukraine to drop COVID restrictions Canada is still all in on COVID Tyranny.  Canadian businesses are cooperating with the federal government to force vaccination while the rest of the world is starting to realize what a bad idea the jabs are.  Governor Ron DeSantis held a round table on Monday.

This is what Dr. Martin Kuldorff said about the vaccines.

“If you are 75 years old and you haven’t had COVID-19, then I think it’s a no brainer to get the vaccine because you are high risk”

This statement implies that if you are under 75 it is not clear that the benefit of the Jab outweighs the risk.  I.E. for most people the vaccine is deadlier than the virus yet Justin Trudeau still forces Canadians to shut up and take it.  It is a pity Justine does not care about dead Canadians as much as dead Ukrainians.  He cares so much about Ukrainians that he jetted off to England to virtue signal beside Boris Johnson, a fellow mass murderer.  Thankfully at least the British media is calling him out on his hypocrisy.

It is a pity Canadian media can’t spare a few minutes from discussing Putin’s victims to acknowledge Trudeau’s victims.

Despite all the Evidence nothing has changed in Canada

This morning I have two studies and one government report that illustrate, again, that everything we have done in Canada is wrong and our public health officials lied for 2 years.

Another study on Ivermectin has been published.  This time they compared Remdesivir to Ivermectin.  After adjusting for age and co-morbidities Ivermectin reduced deaths by 70% compared to Remdesivir.

Multiple studies have now proven the effectiveness of Ivermectin yet it is still not legal for Canadian doctors to use.  Prescribing Ivermectin results in immediate termination of employment and license to practice.  The only approved treatment in Canada (aside from the vaccines) is Remdesivir.  Not a single study has shown Remdesivir to be effective for anything.

Remdesivir was originally developed for Hepatatitis C and then used for Ebola.  It has been repurposed many times.  It did not work for Hep C or Ebola and has not worked for anything since.  Why is it legal to re-purpose a drug that does not work and illegal to re-purpose a drug that does work?  The cost to treat a patient with Remdesivir is $2,400 US, Ivermectin is less than $5.  That is Canadian health care in a nut shell for you.  We spend 500 times as much on something that does not work then brag about our system being the world’s best.

I also found a study on masks this morning.  The study was from October of last year and shows what I have always said.  When it comes to cloth masks the physics does not work.

Most of the virus exhaled by an infected person is already in the form of fine aerosols measuring less than 1.5 microns.  Cloth masks catch only 2.5% to 10% of particles that small.  Inhaled particles are even smaller since the water droplet encapsulating the virus quickly evaporates.  The science is clear your mask does not protect either you or me so stop with the virtue signaling.

Lastly today I have this article.

Throughout this scamdemic Scotland has produced very detailed reports.  I have used data from their weekly reports multiple times.  I was amazed that Scotland would continue to publish data showing increasingly negative vaccine efficacy.  Unfortunately Scotland has decided to stop publishing these reports now that they show vaccinated people are not just more likely to get infected but they are also more likely to die.

The mantra that the jabs work because they reduce severity and chance of death is a lie.


For those of you keeping score we can say that;

  • Remdesivir does not work
  • Masks do not work
  • The Jabs do not work

If we throw in all the papers showing lockdowns don’t work then we can say unequivocally that nothing the Canadian Governments forced upon us worked.  Not to worry though, Canada’s chief medical officer is prepared to do it all again next cold and flu season.


I told you it was not over.  2 years later and we are still being told the only solution to hospital capacity is the elimination of human rights.  In our socialized health care system hospital capacity is controlled by the government and is intentionally kept low in an effort to control costs.  For 2 years Canadians have been subject to tyranny because our government is unable to produce a functional health care system.  Instead of addressing the root cause the government is preparing to repeat everything that did not work last time.  They have added a new wrinkle however.  They still won’t fix the system but they have solved the problem of taxpayers complaining about it.  It is now illegal to criticize Justin Trudeau.


This is obviously not about improving public health or our safety.  Explain to me again why we should be concerned about human rights in the Ukraine if we are no longer concerned about human rights in Canada.