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How Much are the Rights of Law Abiding Citizens Worth?

My brother sent me this video a few days ago.  The man in the video is Chris Sky.  He has become a prominent covid lockdown protestor.   Everything that Chris says in the video is correct.  Even the police grudgingly admitted that what they were doing was not legal.  That bears repeating.  Nothing the federal […]

It Takes Government to Make Windmills and Hospitals Deadly

I saw this article a few days ago.  Scientists have developed synthetic anti-bodies for covid 19. https://www.upi.com/Health_News/2021/02/09/FDA-authorizes-emergency-use-of-Eli-Lillys-monoclonal-antibody-treatment/4321612929586/ The treatment was so promising in trials that the FDA has approved it for emergency use.  Add this to the rather long list of treatments for covid 19.  Covid 19 is proving to be the most treatable illness […]

New Variants do not Change The Equation.

11 days ago I went out on a limb and called it over.  The data told me that we must be reaching herd immunity.  We are also exiting winter when seasonal viruses normally start to wane.  Now even the main stream media is starting to notice. https://www.wsj.com/articles/well-have-herd-immunity-by-april-11613669731?redirect=amp#click=https://t.co/z0xR66mr0f It is obvious from the new modeling released […]

Florida is Winning and Alberta is Losing

In March Florida Governor DeSantis followed the herd and locked down his state.  In the first few days of the lockdown Governor DeSantis suspected the people screaming the sky is falling were all lunatics and liars.  Governor DeSantis did something radical by the standards of modern politics; he sought out real experts.  These real experts […]

Vaccine Passports are not Really Passports, Which is Fitting Because the Vaccines are not Really Vaccines Either

A few days ago, I discussed the SARS COV2 “vaccinations” again.  I pointed out that it is a lie to call these injections vaccinations.  They are not vaccinations they are experimental gene therapy.  In fact, these injections have only been approved for emergency experimental use.  Anyone who agrees to be injected needs to know that […]

Please Danielle, At Least Give Me The Last 2 Questions

Apparently Danielle Smith is interviewing Jason Kenney on her last radio broadcast.  Danielle has asked listeners to send thoughts about things she can cover.  What follows is the email I sent her with my suggestions.   Danielle,   A friend of mine told me that you were looking for input for your conversation with Jason […]

Are We Lambs to the Slaughter?

From the start of this “crisis” there has been a lot of speculation that the Sars COV2 was a weapon engineered in the Wuhan lab.  This was something I always dismissed because a weapon that does not kill military age adults did not seem very effective to me.  Then, a month ago, I posted an […]