Canadian Judges Going Rogue, Again

We have not had rule of law in Canada for a very long time now.  We have rule of Judge.  That would be OK it the judges chose to follow the law but, alas, they do not.  Left wing politicians from all parties have for decades only appointed left wing judges.  To the left the law should only apply when it favors them.  Left wing judges use the law when convenient and ignore it when it is not.  Last week some left-wing judges in Alberta decided that a government persecuted preacher could not use his planned defense.

Court Grants Alberta’s Request To Forbid Jailed Pastor From Challenging Health Order During Trial | The Daily Wire

The judge ruled that a defendant can not use a defense if the government does not think it has time to counter that defense.  That pretty much says you are not allowed to defend yourself in a way that might be inconvenient to the government.

So, what was this inconvenient defense the government could not possibly prepare for by May 3rd?  The Government has denied the pastor his CONSTIUTIONALLY GUARANTEED rights to hold church services.  Their justification for suspending rights is that it was necessary due to a public health emergency.  The pastor simply asked for the government to produce their scientific evidence that this was necessary.

The public health emergency was, of course, COVID.  13 months ago, the government suspended religious and other rights after declaring an emergency.  They have now admitted they have no evidence that we have an emergency.

If we had rule of law this case would have been immediately dismissed.  Then, if we had a functioning media every headline in the country would read. “Government forced to admit there is no emergency”.  That would happen some places in the world, it just will not ever happen in Canada.

In Canada we are moving the other direction fast.  It is not enough for judges to ignore the charter of rights.  Now the federal government wants you to understand you have no rights.  If you go to this government website,

and click on the option for Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms; this is what you get.

They apologize that sometimes a document gets deleted.  No problem all they deleted was the charter of rights and judges were not using it anyway.

Soon the largest industry in the country will be tin foil hat manufacturing.