Has the Other Shoe just Dropped?

One thing that has really bothered me lately is that many of the world “leaders” are behaving like they will never need to seek re-election.  Take Jason Kenney in Alberta, 2 years ago he won a huge majority with 55% of the popular vote.  He got nearly twice as many votes as his nearest rival.  His popularity now sits in single digits.  There is no way that he will be elected for anything again and he does not seem to care.

Jason like almost every other politician in the world did not enter politics to help anyone other than himself.  That is why politicians are normally hypersensitive to polls.  If they lose re-election they lose the only thing they profit from; their influence.  Yet now we see many politicians like Jason disregarding polls.  Either they think they can ride COVID into a dictatorship or they are making so much money off of this that they never need to work again.  Evidence out of Australia indicates that it is the later.


The Australian Premier of New South Wales has resigned over a corruption investigation.  It is alleged she took millions from Pfizer and AstraZeneca to keep people locked down until they could get a needle in every arm.

I have no doubt that you will find the same thing in every western country.  What is a few million to a few greedy politicians when there are trillions of profits to be made with Mandatory vaccinations?  You get turned in to a pin cushion, they get turned in to a millionaire.  This is so not about a virus.