How many Reasons do we need to stop Vaccinating?

This morning I bring you a small dose of common sense from the most unlikely of places; the European Parliament.

It does not get any easier to understand than that.  The Vaccines are a defective product.  Their efficacy is far lower than we were lead to believe and the side effects far worse.  There is no rational reason to mandate the use of a defective product.

If that is not enough reason for us to stop the vaccination programs then how about this.

The jabs offer no protection from omicron and omicron is becoming the dominant strain.  This should come as no surprise to anyone.  We injected nearly 4 billion people with a vaccine that does not prevent infection.  The only variants that will survive are the ones least affected by the vaccines.  It was only a matter of time before we would get a variant that is completely unaffected by the vaccines.

We spent billions of dollars vaccinating everyone in order to create a variant that the vaccines will not affect.  Now we are told the best way to protect ourselves is to get jabbed with the same toxic chemical that created omicron in the first place?  Worse than that we are told the best way to protect ourselves is to force someone else to get jabbed with the toxin that did not protect us.  Since almost all adults are jabbed that someone else is children.

There is no medical reason to give a child these COVID jabs to a child.  No COVID variant poses any risk to a child and the most recent one is vaccine resistant.  We are not jabbing children to make them safe.  We are jabbing children to make hypochondriac adults feel safe.  History will condemn any society that does this.  Someday I hope people understand this and shun the people involved in jabbing children.  They deserve to live out their lives in shame.  Cowards using children as shields have no place in any society.

Most countries have bizarrely found vaccine failure as a reason for forced vaccination.  Thankfully there are a few outliers that we can look to and someday learn from.  The most prominent outlier is Japan.  Japan is a large (125 million), highly educated, and technologically advanced country.  They might be the only country in the developed world actually following science now.  Japan tried the vaccines and when they clearly failed Japan pivoted to Ivermectin with resounding success.  This caused Japan to take a harder look at the vaccines and guess what they determined?

Japan has decided that the best course of action is to following the Nuremburg code.  Japan now requires informed consent and will not force anyone to be vaccinated.  It is shocking that so many other countries are choosing to ignore a lesson we learned 80 years ago.

The only reason we needed to prevent coerced injections is the Nuremburg code.  We did not follow the code and here we are.  With every passing day we find more reasons not to use these products yet we persist.  This is not about your health, or your neighbor’s health, or even a virus.  It is time to wake up and say no.

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