“It is just”, The phrase that destroyed our World


Do you get it yet?  Our governments are pushing us down the stairway to hell one step at a time.  In March of 2020 if government told us business closures, masks, and lockdowns were permanent no one would have cooperated.  Instead we were told it was only for 2 weeks.  That is how this works.  As long as people believe their old life is only weeks away they will comply.

Every lockdown comes with even more “temporary” restrictions that stay in place after the outbreak is done.

Some politicians like Doug Ford are even saying vaccine passports are a temporary measure.  How stupid must you be to believe this?  Vaccine Passports are as permanent as everything else and just like everything else their use will be expanded.  I have no doubt scanners will be installed on every home.  You will need to scan your passport to open your own door.  That way the government will know when you are available to be dragged out of your own home.


Most people viewing this video will still no doubt believe there is no way this could happen.  Canadian’s in particular are so trusting of government that they will believe the soldier at the door is doing a welfare check.  Because proactive social work is what armies do, right?

Politicians have been carefully following the great reset playbook.  First they remove our rights then they confiscate our property.  Most people will still refuse to believe this could happen.  To those people I ask this.  Why do you think that mass murderers would be reluctant to take your property?  Their morals prevent theft but not murder?

I wish that statement was hyperbole but it is not.  The Canadian government has murdered thousands and I am not talking about residential schools or even vaccines.  The Canadian government has murdered 29,000 Canadians over the last 20 months.  Their weapon of choice was enforced medical neglect.  I will let this roundtable of experts state my case for me.


Did you catch the last part of the discussion where 2 doctors who have treated over 6000 patients confirm they have never lost a patient when treatment is started within the first 7 days?  Early treatment involves Ivermectin or Hydroxychloroquine; neither of which is legal to administer to COVID patients in Canada. Canadian doctors who used these drugs have been threatened or fired.

It is not just these drugs or even early treatment that is prohibited in Canada.  Any treatment for COVID is frowned upon.  Here is the Canadian COVID Treatment Protocol.  When a person presents with flu like symptoms the following steps need to be followed.

  1. Perform a PCR test and run as many cycles as need to get a positive result.
  2. Send the patient home untreated while you force quarantine anyone they have ever met in their life.
  3. If the patient returns to hospital with more severe symptoms, admit them to the ICU without checking anything other than their vaccination status.
  4. In the ICU administer Oxygen and possibly asthma medication if you are feeling compassionate.
  5. Wait for patient to either recover on their own or die.
  6. If the patient recovers pressure them to be vaccinated.
  7. If the patient dies report the case immediately to the chief medical officer for propaganda purposes.

This treatment protocol is entirely devoid of any effective medical treatment.  It is not designed to produce positive medical outcomes.  It is designed to produce bodies.

If you don’t believe me go to Laura-Lynn Tyler Thompson’s website and listen to her father’s ordeal.  Her father was in the ICU for COVID Pneumonia.  He was not being treated.  He was not even being fed.  They were waiting for him to die.  Laura-Lynne had a personal supply of HCQ and Ivermectin.  The hospital refused to use them, so she secretly administer them.  Her father’s turnaround was immediate.  That man did not need to be in the hospital, he just needed a government that did not want to kill him.

Canada does not have a single COVID death.  We have thousands of people murdered by their governments and medical authorities.  Theft is nothing for these evil people.  You can keep denying this, but when these criminals come for your home remember, “It is just a house”.


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  1. Trevor
    Trevor says:

    It’s sad, but you have been generally correct on all of your predictions since March 2020. And where you were wrong, it was ONLY because the government inflicted WORSE treatment and took away more rights and killed more people than you predicted.

    I can’t comprehend what most people are perceiving. It’s clearly not the same world that my eyes show me. Is it like colorblindness where some literally don’t perceive the physical reality of the color of the light entering their eyes?

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