It was Planned, It is the only thing that fits the Data

When it comes to COVID all roads lead to China.  In her latest essay Naomi wolf details the deep financial links Pfizer has with China.  When you get vaccinated for COVID, China profits.  Governments mandate COVID vaccines because too many people are getting COVID.  We know this from all of the positive PCR tests that are also made in China. Manufacturing PCR tests in China makes perfect sense.  No one knows more about the SARS COV-2 virus than the Chinese since the virus is also manufactured in China.


It took almost 3 years but people are finally willing to admit that the SARS COV-2 virus is not natural.  The virus was built in a Chinese lab and the whole thing was funded by Anthony Fauci.  How long do you think it will take for people to admit that this artificial virus was released intentionally?  The most controversial thing about COVID is that this was all planned.  I have said this many times.  Over a year ago I listed my reasons for believing the lab leak was not an accident.  If my arguments in June of 2021 were not compelling enough I have one more point for you to consider.  If the release was an accident why did Anthony Fauci behave the way he did?

Anthony Fauci signed the checks so that means he got reports and was privy to all of the research.  He knew the virus was not that deadly.  He also knew that hydroxychloroquine was an effective treatment.  If the release was accidental it would have been very easy to cover up.  All Fauci had to do was predict a heavy flu season and quietly distribute hydroxychloroquine with instructions for use.  No one would have even noticed COVID.  It would not even have been called COVID, every death would have been blamed on influenzas.

This would have been the easiest cover up in history.  I have said many times that if the media did not produce fear porn nightly no one would have noticed COVID.  It would have been seen as a bad flu season; something that is routine and happens frequently.  We are only aware of COVID because of what Fauci did after the virus was released.  He immediately called attention to the virus by advising panic and shutting down the economy.  Then he banned effective treatments to increase the body count.

Anthony Fauci shone a huge spotlight on COVID and by doing so he placed himself under the same spotlight; the absolute worst way to hide an accident.  Fauci could not cover up the virus because stoking panic was always part of the plan.  Cultivating fear is not easy if you don’t give people something to be fearful of.