Masks are just a Security Blanket

Here we go again.  Masks are making a comeback.  LA County is recommending masks again and Germany is considering masks for the winter.  Masks never completely disappeared in Canada.  Masks are still required in airports and on planes.  Governments and COVIDiots just love masks despite the fact that masks have not worked anywhere.   You cannot find a mask mandating jurisdiction that managed to reduce COVID infections.  When mask mandates are lifted there is never a surge in infections.  Masks don’t work because the engineering does not work.

The graphic below shows that masks have not worked because droplets that you exhale and virus itself are just too small.

Take a look at the red part of the arrow for particles less than 1 micron.  During normal respiration almost 100% of the droplets you exhale are less than 1 micron.  Cloth and surgical masks do absolutely nothing to particles of this size.  The weave openings are more than one order of magnitude larger than 1 micron.

60% of exhaled droplets are smaller than 0.3 micron.  0.3 micron is the test size for an N95 mask.  An N95 mask will filter out 95% of 0.3 micron particles.  So theoretically an N95 mask could offer some protection to others.  If you are infected your mask would significantly reduce the amount of viruses you expel when breathing as long as the mask seals firmly on your face, which it does not.  Anyone who has worn an N95 mask will tell you that it lifts away from your face every time you exhale.  An N95 mask does not catch many exhaled particles of any size because most of your exhaled breath goes around rather than through the mask.

The idea that you are wearing your mask to protect others is ludicrous.  An N95 mask is like a face shield it just redirects your breath it does not prevent you from spreading a virus.  An N95 mask does provide some protection for the person wearing it, although not as much as you think.  When the virus is exhaled it is encased in a fine water droplet.  That droplet quickly evaporates leaving the virus completely disassociated.  The virus without the droplet is only about 0.1 micron an N95 mask is rated for particles 3 times larger than that.  I looked for but could not find anything to tell me how effective the N95 masks are for particles of 0.1 micron.  I did find that N95 masks catches 99% of 1.0 micron particles.  So 1 micron is 99% effective and 0.3 micron is 95% effective, as with all filters it is not linear; as the particle gets smaller the amount caught drops exponentially.  All I can tell you is that the mask will stop somewhere between 0 and 95% of particles as small as 0.1 micron.

N95 Masks offer partial protection to the user but no protection to anyone else.  This makes mask mandates the same a vaccine mandates.  There is no public health benefit to a mask or the jabs because neither prevents transmission.  Similar to the Vaccines the partial protection from constantly wearing an N95 mask comes at a very high cost.  N95 masks are a very effective breathing barrier.  It is very difficult to breathe while wearing one and if worn for extended periods can cause a condition called hypoxia.  Hypoxia is a lack of oxygen.  It causes serious health problems up to and including death.  That is a high price to pay to prevent a disease that has mutated in to a cold.


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  1. Tim
    Tim says:

    Masks serve a purpose for me. Whenever I see anyone wearing one in public I know I am looking at a fool and that person is one person I don’t need to talk to.

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