More Covid Politics

I was thinking about statistics and how they can often be contradictory.  Like how can such a high percentage of people be so concerned about a virus that threatens such a low percentage of people?  Shouldn’t the public concern about a virus be proportional to the effect that virus has on the population?  Because of the American election I was thinking about how Canadian’s are reacting to it.  Donald Trump is highly unpopular in Canada.  Even in Alberta where Trump has the highest support in Canada, 68% of Albertans support Joe Biden.  65% of Albertans have post-secondary education, which is high by world standards.  So that goes around right?  A highly educated population supports the candidate that would be best for them right?  God I wish it were so.

Alberta has been struggling in recent years.  We had not even recovered from collapsing world oil prices when a corrupt, anti-pipeline, anti-oil, imbecile took over our Federal government and promptly canceled 3 pipelines.  Those 3 pipelines would have allowed Alberta to sell more oil to Canadian’s and would have opened overseas markets.  Right now Alberta produces about 4 million barrels/day.  We sell 1 million to the rest of Canada, 3 million to the United States, and nothing to any other country.  Canada is only our second biggest customer and they are small compared to the United States.

Alberta is struggling because we are having problems with our second largest customer yet 68% of Albertans think it will be better if Joe Biden gets elected.  Joe Biden is a corrupt, anti-pipeline, anti-oil, imbecile.  Joe Biden and Justin Trudeau are peas from the same pod.  Justin Trudeau is just a younger version of Joe Biden.  There is no way that having a corrupt, anti-pipeline, anti-oil, imbeciles in Ottawa and Washington at the same time can be good for Alberta.

With the 1-2 punch of Biden and Trudeau controlling our only customers and Jason Kenney whining impotently from the sidelines, Alberta is in for a world of hurt.  If Joe Biden takes over in January Alberta is set for declining population, boarded up buildings, collapsing businesses, and chronic high unemployment.  Why are 68% of Albertans in favor of that?  68% of a highly educated population openly supports their own destruction.

It is tempting to correlate level of post-secondary education with intelligence but Alberta proves that no such correlation exists.  The contradiction between the 2 statistics of education level and support for Joe Biden clearly demonstrates that.

So what does American politics have to do with covid other than demonstrating more contradicting statistics?  Joe Biden had only 2 planks to his election platform.

  1. Joe Biden is not Donald Trump
  2. If Joe was in charge no American would have died from Covid.

The second plank in his platform is impossible.  No one other than God can stop a viral outbreak yet Americans believed him.  The media has succeeded in panicking the population to the point that they believed Joe’s Messianic proclamations.  If you take away the covid panic you take away 50% of the reason for anyone to vote for Joe Biden and Trump wins in a landslide.

For 9 months now I have maintained that Covid 19 is nothing other than a run of the mill virus that in the absence of political dumbassery won’t be much of a problem.  Boy was I wrong.  If Joe Biden takes over the white house in January, Covid 19 will have destroyed Alberta.  All without producing a single excess death.

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