The Cover up has hit Warp Speed

COVID cases are on the rise again in Alberta but you would not know that since Alberta is carefully keeping the testing level low.  Here is the number of tests;

And here is the percent positivity.

How can cases in Alberta be rising in the summer?  Didn’t Albertans do the right thing and get vaccinated?  These things are very puzzling but even more perplexing is why does Jason Kenney not want you to know this?  Six months ago Jason Kenney would have made sure this was all over the news now he is actively hiding it.  What changed?

I think we can understand what changed by considering something else Jason and Deena are not telling us.  This week Alberta dropped the Vaccine outcome tab from the website.

The Alberta government updates their website every Wednesday.  I usually check the” vaccine outcome” tab to look at hospitalizations.  For months now the % of unvaccinated in hospital has been trending down while the % of vaccinated was trending up.  Last week there was only one unvaccinated person in the ICU while most of the patients were not just vaccinated they were also boosted.  This morning when I tried to check the data the tab was gone.  Curious isn’t it?

Alberta is not the only jurisdiction that no longer presents data on vaccine outcomes.  The Ontario government stopped tracking cases and deaths by vaccination status a few weeks ago and the CDC no longer tracks outbreaks on cruise ships.

100% of the people on cruise ships are vaccinated so outbreaks on cruise ships are quite embarrassing for the vaccine Nazis.  In true Nazis fashion the information is now suppressed to support the narrative.

All of the censorship and lies of omission may make you wonder just how bad the data really is.  The answer is that the situation is much worse than you think.  92% of Canadian COVID deaths in the last 2 weeks have been among the vaccinated.  The Trudeau liberals want you to take a treatment that makes you more likely to die from COVID.  Even more troubling is that each booster makes the situation worse.

40% of all COVID deaths are people who have taken 2 boosters.  Not many Canadians have taken 2 boosters.  I was not able to get a number for the country but in Alberta it is only 5% of the population.

So 5% of the population makes up 40% of the COVID deaths.  Each shot increases your chances of dying from COVID and that is just the tip of the iceberg.  There also seems to be higher incidences of vaccine injuries with each shot.  Aren’t you glad the Trudeau liberals only want you to take a shot every 9 months?

The COVID vaccine fiasco is a slow moving train headed to disaster.  I have been warning for over a year that the data has been trending in the wrong direction.  The trend is still in the wrong direction and there is no indication that it will change.  How many people will ultimately die from this disastrous experiment?  Who will be held accountable?

If you took the vaccine please do not take the booster.  Things only get worse from this point.  It is imperative that you get off this train before it reaches the final destination.

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  1. Tyrel
    Tyrel says:

    Did the Truth about 911 come out?
    Did the Truth about JFK come out?
    Did the Truth about any made up reason for War come out?

    Only to those willing to look. Not the general public.

    When government is in the middle of the murder the truth only comes out when there is revolution or regime change. Like the German Nazis or Marie Antoinette. We find out long after the fact and tell ourselves how evil and stupid those people were and that in our modern advanced society that will never happen again…..

  2. Trevor
    Trevor says:

    Great post and excellent data Richard. This is the direction we saw it going from the beginning of the shots and it looks to be accelerating. If people keep taking more of these shots it will end badly for humanity. Gates and Fauci will be responsible for the largest genocide in human history.

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