The losing streak for Albertans is not over

The Demonic Dwarf is facing a leadership review in 12 days and he is rightfully concerned.  The Convention was set for a hotel in Red Deer.  They expected up to 3,000 people to register but got more than 15,000.  Almost half of that 15,000 had bought their party membership in the last 6 months.  I sincerely doubt that those people became party members to show their support for Jason Kenney since I am one of the 49%.

Jason is so worried that he is taking drastic action.  He tore a page out of the US Democrat play book and introduced mail in ballots to facilitate fraud.  Then he rallied his faithful followers in a secret meeting.  As it turns out even Jason’s most faithful are not that faithful.

In the leaked audio file Jason had this to say.


“I will not let this mainstream conservative party become an agent for extreme, hateful, intolerant, bigoted and crazy views.”

“The lunatics are trying to take over the asylum. And I’m not going to let them.”


Then later, when asked to clarify his comments from the leaked video, Jason said this.


 “hostile takeover of our party by fringe elements.”


What Jason said can be summed up like this; people who disagree with me are a fringe minority with unacceptable views.  I have a piece of advice for Jason’s script writers.  Maybe your puppet is unpopular because when you close your eyes and listen to him you cannot help but see Justin Trudeau.

Jason’s extreme unpopularity is due to his COVID policies and the fact that no one in Alberta got what they wanted.  Albertans want Common sense, Jason wants the affection of Justin Trudeau, and the Alberta media want Rachel Notley.  Jason Slavishly does whatever Justin wants but it is never good enough for Justin.  Meanwhile the Alberta media gives Rachel Notley free campaign adds to claim that that Albertan’s are dying of COVID because Jason does too little too late.

For 2 years Albertans were upset that Jason was doing too much and the Media claimed that Jason was doing too little and that explained Alberta’s high case numbers.  It is true that Alberta had higher case numbers than any other province but it is not true that Alberta’s rules were less stringent than other provinces.  During this plandemic I got my hair cut in Saskatchewan when barber shops were closed in Alberta.  I went to restaurants in BC when restaurants in Alberta were closed.

So if Alberta used the same ridiculous rules as other provinces why were their case numbers higher?  Because Alberta tested more than any other province, that’s why.  If you look at hospitalizations and deaths all of the provinces are similar.  Alberta did not have a larger problem than any of the others just more fictional cases due to massive over testing.

Jason was not smart enough to ramp down the testing in time.  I doubt the over testing was his idea in the first place.  The senior management at Alberta Health Services was appointed by and is loyal to Rachel Notley.  The fictionally high case numbers in Alberta guaranteed Rachel a regular spot on the evening news.  The networks essentially produced free campaign videos for Rachel.

Don’t get me wrong, none of this is to defend Jason Kenney, just explain the turmoil in Alberta right now.  Jason Kenney is most definitely an evil sock puppet used to push a disgusting agenda.  Jason is clinging to power because he is not done destroying Alberta yet.  To cling to power Jason is playing hardball; marginalizing opponents and defending his COVID policies.

Jason is still pushing the fiction that lockdowns and vaccines have slain the COVID dragon.  If that were true why are we still tracking COVID cases and wearing masks in medical offices?  The only people who claim lockdowns worked are politicians and COVIDiots.  The science has been clear for a very long time.  Lockdowns killed more people than they saved.

Lockdowns clearly did not work and the same can be said about the vaccines.  No country in the world that used aggressive vaccination programs saw cases go down.  Quite the opposite, cases always soared when the vaccinations started.  For some bizarre reason our political masters concluded that soaring cases due to vaccination is an argument for more vaccinations.  Booster shots were rolled out and now we see data like this from Ontario.

The worst thing you can do is take a booster.  Boosted people in Ontario are 75% more likely to get COVID and it is getting worse by the day.  Scotland stopped publishing data that showed that Boosted people were also more likely to die and in Spain right now vaccinated people account for nearly 100% of all COVID deaths.

Alberta had similar case data so they removed it from their website last week.  Quite the coincidence that Alberta stopped publishing embarrassing COVID data 2 weeks before a leadership convention right?  A cynic might say that Jason Kenney is proud of his record because he killed just as many people as any other Premier.  His Media anointed heir, Rachel Notley, brags that she would have killed more.  In Alberta politics there are no winners, only losers.  The biggest losers as always are ordinary Albertans.