No one likes being lied to

Vaccine hesitancy is growing and so is vaccine regret.


This nurse is not alone; a new poll shows that 10% of vaccinated Americans regret their decision.  I suspect that this number will only increase with time.  Even people who have escaped injury will regret getting vaccinated because no one likes being lied to and it is becoming very difficult to hide the vaccine lies.

The first and most damaging lie to fall was the immunity lie.  People were told that if they were vaccinated they could not get infected or transmit the virus.  In some countries almost 50% of vaccinated people have now had COVID post vaccination.  I know many people who got vaccinated to protect family or friends.  They were not concerned about COVID but someone in their life was immunocompromised.  None of them can be happy about being part of an experiment on the pretext of a lie.

As “rare” breakthrough infections became common the next lie to fall was that the vaccine would prevent severe COVID.  Hospitals are full of vaccinated COVID patients.  Governments are scrambling to cover this up by removing vaccine outcome data from their web sites but it won’t work.  The vaccinated people being hospitalized for severe COVID have family and friends.  Covering up the data won’t stop word of mouth from eventually disseminating the truth.  The vaccines do not prevent infection or severe illness.

The last lie is that the vaccines are safe.  They are not; even the original test data showed vaccine injuries were common.  The latest study from Germany indicating 1 in 500 have incurred a vaccine injury is corroborated by German health insurance statistics.  Not all the vaccine injures occur immediately.  The ratio is likely to get worse with time.  Even at 1 in 500 the odds of someone in your circle being injured is quite high.  Anyone who does not know a vaccine injured person soon will but not all vaccine injuries will be directly from the vaccine.  How many people will be injured by the sudden lack of doctors in Ontario?

A lie that kills people cannot be sustained forever.  Vaccinated people have regret now.  That regret will turn to anger when they realize just how risky these injections really are.  People took the jabs to protect their health and the health of others.  No one would have done this had they understood the magnitude of the lies.

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  1. Trevor+Boyce
    Trevor+Boyce says:

    Firstly, I feel so sad for this woman and everyone like her that is injured and has the intellectual honesty to admit they were wrong. I welcome her into our camp and hope she can recover some normalcy in her life. The newly converted will likely be the most vociferous in their opinions.

    Secondly, it is interesting that the poll shows 10% of people regret getting the jab. But a large portion of the jabbed, 20-50% depending on jurisdiction, did not get boosted suggesting there are many more than 10% in the regret category.

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