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A Tale of Two Tyrants

If you ask anyone in the media Belarus president Alexander Grigoryevich Lukashenko is a dictator.  Lukashenko is the first and only president Belarus has known since the fall of the Soviet Union.  He has stayed in office by winning multiple elections that the media ensures us were rigged in his favor.  In contrast to Lukashenko […]

How many People can we Wake up in 2022?

Nothing governments have done has had any discernable impact on the spread of the virus.  That includes the Vaccine passports.  So why do we persist with things that obviously do not work?  The legacy media will tell you that the public demands vaccine passports.  I have seen multiple news broadcasts where the media pulls some […]

We finally have a Health Emergency and the Media is ignoring it.

I have done multiple posts showing that since the start of vaccination programs we have been seeing unusually high deaths among younger people.  Just yesterday I posted data showing that vaccine injuries and deaths have been systematically under reported.  Examination of European data shows vaccine deaths are 20 times higher than the official numbers.  Now […]

We are in a War that only one side is Fighting

In previous posts I showed Pfizer’s own trial data proved the vaccines should never have been approved.  40% more people died in the vaccine group than in the placebo group but they did not die of COVID so the trial was deemed a success.  That is insane.  The Pfizer vaccine kills more people than it […]

Omicron is not a Pandemic of the Vaccinated it is a Vaccine Pandemic

Look at this smiling buffoon delivering what he thinks as an uplifting new year’s message.   According to our prime moron we will defeat COVID together and this is his understanding of togetherness.   I don’t know about you but demonizing people who don’t agree with government is always my favorite team building exercise.  The […]

Lets hope the New Year brings Freedom

I found this video in which Dr. Robert Malone is discussing Mass Psychosis.  This video has nothing to do with COVID and everything to do with COVID all at the same time.  COVID is the disease caused by the multiple variants of the SARS COV 2 virus.  COVID on its own was really not much […]

Ignorance is the Governments Ally in their War against Us

A Friend of mine sent me these 2 posts from the same author. 18 Reasons I Won’t Be Getting a Covid Vaccine (deconstructingconventional.com) 17 More Reasons I Won’t Be Getting a Covid Vaccine (deconstructingconventional.com) They are a good read but there really is not anything in them that has not already been discussed on my […]

Following the Money Leads to Jason Kenney’s Office

I have mentioned this before.  The thing that scares me the most right now is that so many politicians are acting as if they know they will never need to face the voters again.  Jason Kenney is a perfect example of that.  Just 2 years ago he romped to victory in Alberta with a huge […]