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Is There a Vaccine that Eliminates Politicians? That I would take.

Australia and New Zealand are clearly leading when it comes to COVID tyranny.  Unfortunately, those 2 reprehensible regimes seem to be the role model for Canadian politicians.  They aspire to that level of tyranny.  There is just the formalities of a federal election to get through first. This short video is the 5 leaders of […]

Creepy Joe Declares War

Joe Biden has had a very busy 2 weeks.  First he declared the war in Afghanistan over.  Then he started a new war.  Yesterday Joe Biden declared war on unvaccinated Americans.  Creepy Joe Is OK dealing with the Taliban as the new head of state.  He thinks he can work with them.  Unvaccinated, on the […]

Governments are Preparing for a Harsh Winter

My brother sent me this video yesterday.   @the_co_conspirator #wakeup #nwo #newworldorder #freedom #control #government #conspiracy #conspiracytiktok #conspiracytheories #elite ♬ Suspense, Tension, Electronic Music – OYKT A government in the UK is looking to expand  morgue capacity.  After 2 seasons of COVID we did nothing but fret about hospital capacity.  Despite our concerns we spent […]

Once again India Shows the West how it is done.

Some days I think COVID has driven the whole world mad.  Then I remind myself it is not the whole word, just the western world.  There are still pockets of sanity.  Mexico is one.  The Mexican president a few weeks ago declared Mexico would not be held hostage by the vaccine companies.  At the time […]

“They” want to Vaccinate You, Repeatedly

Here is another video by Dr. Yeadon, former Pfizer executive. Sorry I can’t embed it you need to follow the link to see it.   https://www.naturalnews.com/2021-09-02-former-pfizer-vp-warns-booster-shot-extermination-weapon.html   Dr. Yeadon makes some very interesting points.  2 of which I want to discuss today.  At around the 8 minute mark he discusses variants.  The SARS CoV-2 virus […]

Justin Trudeau is a Super Spreader of COVID Stupidity.

This is Canada’s Prime Moron on a campaign stop.   Trudeau fomenting hatred & division: “Except that those people who have not yet chosen to get vaccinated are putting this all at risk” pic.twitter.com/e3TwPEbboe — Rowan (@canmericanized) September 5, 2021 Incredibly this moronic man-child has already been prime minister for 6 years.  After 6 years […]

If you want a Glimpse of the COVID Future turn to Israel

Israelis haven’t even finished with their 3rd jab and their government is already preparing for a fourth.  https://nationalfile.com/israels-covid-czar-tells-public-to-prepare-for-fourth-pfizer-booster-shot/ The Israeli government is in full blown panic mode because of the surge in COVID cases and hospitalizations.  See the plot below. Israel vaccinated their population faster than any other industrialized country.  The plot below compares Israel […]

Alberta Health Services is just another Weapon wielded by Government.

The attached audio file is the taped phone conversation between a seriously ill woman and someone from Alberta Health Services (AHS).  In Canada the provincial governments provide health care.  The government does not just pay the bills they run the whole system.  They are the sole provider of almost all health services.  That’s what makes […]

The Changing Definition of Fully Vaccinated

The 2 jab vaccine with yearly/quarterly/monthly boosters is working so well that Pfizer is developing a twice daily pill to go with it.   Twice a day Covid pill by Pfizer pic.twitter.com/S5guXlcm7z — Osler (@osler78) September 1, 2021 You can see Pfizer’s press release here. https://cdn.pfizer.com/pfizercom/2021-09/First_Participant_Dosed_in_Phase_2_3.pdf?xngrygl6i_kDXWrJtM7ixP65qQ6ZXOK0 This makes me wonder how you define fully vaccinated […]

Why have only one Leaky Lab when you can have Millions

On May 22nd I posted reasons why Ivermectin is superior to the COVID vaccines.  India, Indonesia, and Mexico quickly broke the cycle of infection with Ivermectin.  No country has been able to do that with vaccines.  Quite the opposite, highly vaccinated countries have experienced soaring infections. By now it should be clear we should jettison […]