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Government Incompetence is to blame for Emergency Room Chaos

Emergency rooms in in Ontario are full to the rafters.  The CBC would love to blame this on unvaccinated people but even the CBC is forced to acknowledge the negative impacts of COVID restrictions.   Key factors driving the long wait times are largely spin-off effects of the pandemic:  High rates of staff calling in sick […]

I just might become a Justin Bieber Fan

Justin Bieber is taking strength from his devotion to God and Jesus to get him through Ramsay Hunt Syndrome. I have sympathy for what Justin Bieber is going through but it was his own divided loyalty that brought this on him.  Maybe If the Biebs had more faith in the immune system God gave him […]

Freedom will never return as long as Justin Trudeau holds Power

Justin Trudeau has relented to pressure and dropped the vaccine mandates for travel.  This amounts to only a partial victory for Canadians that had the sense not to trust Justin and take part in his disgusting experiment; unvaccinated Canadians are still subject to quarantine.  Justin also wants Canadians to understand that vaccine mandates could be back […]

Are the Jabs a ticking Time Bomb?

Embalmers have been pulling unusual blood clots from bodies for months now.  The unusually blood clots are exclusive to vaccinated people and could well be the cause of death for all those who “died suddenly”.  You would think that medical professionals would be very curious about this phenomenon but their curiosity seems is reserved for […]

More Evidence lockdowns Kill.

A new study has just been published that shows lockdowns killed 171,000 Americans in a 12 month period from April 2020 to April 2021.  The researchers derived this number by looking at non-COVID excess deaths.  Lockdowns unlike COVID proved to be an equal opportunity killer.  The non-COVID excess deaths in every age group was very consistent.  […]

Truth is now a Conspiracy

  There is a new poll out by abacus that finds a significant percentage of Canadians believe in conspiracy theories.  44% of Canadians believe that the big stuff that matters is secretly planned and executed by a small group of people.  The people at Abacus are quite concerned that all the tin foil hatters are poisoning […]

The Jabs Threaten another Lucrative Career

Justin Bieber has cancelled concerts due to facial paralysis from Ramsay Hunt Syndrome.  Ramsay Hunt Syndrome is a rare condition related to shingles.   Emergency room physician Dr. Kashif Pirzada said it’s “very unusual” for someone Bieber’s age to be diagnosed with the virus. “Usually it affects people with compromised immune systems”.   Gee I wonder […]

Ignorance and Apathy allow Government Rot to Grow

Governments that persecute religious leaders, control media, suspend due process, and deny rights are oppressive regimes.  Canadian Governments do all of those things.  Canadian citizens are willfully blind to this but that does not keep politicians in foreign countries from recognizing Canada as an oppressive regime.   Yesterday US Congressman @RepBobGood cited @JustinTrudeau's Liberals as […]

Monkey pox or COVID whatever it takes for the Great Reset

Theresa Tam is staying in shape this summer by quarantining people who do not have monkey pox to protect the country from monkey pox.  She needs to stay in shape because she is certain COVID will be back.  Dr. Tam is warning that Canadians need to be prepared for the 7th wave of COVID. By prepared […]

The very definition of Insanity

I saw this headline today. If I could make a suggestion to the Israelis it would be that while you “consider” the 5th Jab you should consider the results of the first 4. Every vaccination program coincided with a surge in COVID deaths.  Not only that, there were more deaths per dose administered with each […]