Closing Fitness Facilities and Locking People in Their Homes was Deadly

Yesterday I posted this plot showing the effect of vitamin D deficiency on COVID case severity.

It is not all that surprising then that researchers have found a correlation between hours spent indoors and excess deaths.

Clearly stay at home orders like the one Doug Ford just imposed are the exact wrong thing to do.  Doug Ford is not the only Covidiot making things worse.  The first thing almost every tyrant did was shut down sports and fitness facilities.  I was not surprised then to see this article.

The average American gained 29 pounds over the last year.  The health implications of obesity have been studied to death.  Preventing people from leaving their home and exercising is not exactly sound public health policy.

Still what is a few pounds verses COVID right?  Obesity is a common COVID comorbidity so I decided look at how important a few extra pounds are.  I took the current per capita COVID deaths and compared it to the obesity data I got from the CDC.  It turns out that extra 29 pounds can be deadly.

How could this be more clear?  The higher the level of obesity the higher the COVID deaths.

Over the last year I have tried to correlate COVID deaths to average age, wealth, and nurses/capita.  I always got very weak correlations.  Those factors were important but it was obvious that others factors dominated.  Now we find very strong correlations with obesity and vitamin D deficiency.  The key to success is simple.  Encourage people to go outside and exercise.

Clearly, the best thing we could have done would have been very inexpensive.  Instead governments did the exact opposite.  They went to great lengths to prevent people from being outside and exercising.  Taxpayers were forced to spend billions to increase the body count.

Could our governments truly be this stupid?  We need to start asking why our governments wanted so many of us to die.  We are now being forced to take a vaccine to prevent deaths that the government caused.  Where the hell do you get a Vaccine that eliminates Government?  That I would take enthusiastically.

More Vaccination Mathematics

Many wealthy countries are rapidly vaccinating their populations now with some very interesting results.  Qatar had very few problems with Covid until after they started vaccinating people.  Vaccinations began in late December and COVID cases started increasing shortly after.  See below.

Worse for Qatar their highest death rates have happened since vaccination began.

Israel has seen something similar.  I have discussed Israel before.  Israel is vaccinating their population faster than any other country.  They have already completely vaccinated 53% of their population.  COVID cases and deaths are falling but, as I previously discussed, they were falling rapidly in Israel before vaccinations started.  Vaccines did not change the rate of decrease.

It is too early to say if Vaccines are benefitting in Israel.  The same cannot be said about the cost.  Shortly after starting vaccinations Israel saw a rash of deaths.  All the excess deaths were Seniors (see below).

Israel rushed to vaccinate everyone to save seniors.  Unfortunately, is looks like the vaccine may have killed many seniors.  Notice also that there was absolutely no reason to vaccinate anyone under the age of 65.  There are no excess deaths for people under the age of 65.  You can not argue that COVID is a risk to that age group.

Of course, we are told that no one is safe until we are all vaccinated.  That is the single most iodic thing said in the last 13 months when almost everything uttered was idiotic.  If a vaccinated person can still be infected by an un-vaccinated person, the vaccine does not work.  In that case, why does anyone get the vaccine?

The reality is that very few people benefit from being Vaccinated.  For the average person under the age of 65 COVID is not life threatening.  The vaccine carries more risk than the virus for almost everyone.  Why would we even try to Vaccinate everyone?  It is an enormous waste of time and money.

More importantly, the majority of People will never get COVID in the first place.  After 2 seasons and with variants now running amok, only 3.5% of Albertans have tested positive.  Most of those people had mild or no symptoms.  There are still only 3 countries that have exceeded 10%.  No one in government is asking the obvious question.  Why aren’t more people getting sick?

Maybe governments are not asking because they already know the answer.  Contact tracing shows that you can be quarantined with an infectious person and only 18% of the time will they infect you.  This is almost exactly the percentage we saw on the diamond princess cruise ship.  After being quarantined together for weeks only 17% of people got infected.  There seems to be a high level of pre-existing immunity already in the population.  More and more studies like this one are confirming that.

42% of people in this study who had no known exposure to the virus already had SARs-CoV-2 antigens in their blood.

There is also this study that showed severe cases occur almost exclusively to people who are vitamin D deficient.

96% of severe and critical COVID infections occur with people who are vitamin D deficient.  If you are under the age of 65 and not vitamin D deficient your COVID risk is near zero.  The risk of the Vaccines may be small, but the risk of the virus is even smaller.  We are increasing the overall level of harm by insisting that everyone be vaccinated.

If you consider pre-existing immunity, vaccinating everyone carries a higher risk than letting the virus run its course.  That is something this author points out in this article with some basic math.

An unvaccinated person imposes a 1 in 14 million risk of seriously infecting another person.  The Vaccine carries a 1 in 2.5 million risk of serious illness.  For me to protect someone else I must incur a personal risk 6 times higher than the threat I pose to them.  Call me anti-social, but I really do not care that much about strangers.

Vaccinate the people who are truly at risk and any other nervous Nellie who wants it.  Let them isolate or shelter in place while they wait for the vaccine.  In the meantime, let the rest of us get on with our own damn lives.  Why is this so difficult for people to understand?

Maybe if Chris Sky Killed Someone Justin Could Learn to Love him.

Chris Sky has found himself on a no-fly list.

Omar Kahdr can fly around Canada, but Chris Sky cannot.  Last I checked Terrorists and Airplanes was a very bad combination, yet Transport Canada is OK with Kahdr flying.  Khadr is a convicted felon with a history of bomb making.  Chris Sky has no criminal history but a solid history of quoting the charter of rights.  I am by no means an expert, but I cannot see how truth bombs are more detrimental to airplane operation than actual explosives.

What exactly is the purpose of no-fly lists?  I naively thought they were to keep passengers safe.  Obviously Transport Canada does not give a damn about passenger safety.  Apparently, no fly lists are not to prevent the spread of death and destruction.  They are to prevent the spread of ideas.  Especially truthful ones.

Omar Kahdr can fly because he has never done anything the Trudeau Liberals disagree with.  Chris Sky is another matter.  Justin finds him very disagreeable.

Do you even recognize our country anymore?  Yesterday Jason Kenney rescinded personal rights in Alberta, again.  Concurrently the Trudeau Liberals violated the rights of a Canadian whose only crime is reminding Canadian’s that they should have rights.  I cannot decide if Jason and Justin are ideological soul mates or if Jason is simply a Justin Trudeau fan boy.  Either way it is not a good look.

Jason Kenney is an Evil Bastard

The last shoe dropped yesterday, and it dropped hard.  2 days ago, the old school communist hag that still runs Alberta by proxy through Deena Hinshaw called for another lockdown.  Jason did not disappoint her.

Alberta went back to step 1.  You remember step one; it was supposed to be in effect until we dropped under 600 hospitalizations.  The last time Alberta had 600 hospitalizations was January 25th.  Remind me again why we are back at step 1?

The problem with the old plan was that all we needed to achieve it was spring.  That would leave Jason sitting on millions of doses of vaccine that we do not need.  The mask has finally dropped.  Yesterday Jason finally admitted that his goal is to force us to be vaccinated.

You can see the new plan below.

Each phase of the plan now depends on levels of immunity.  Unless you are going to do antibody and T cell testing, vaccination records are the only way to verify levels of immunity.  Conspicuously absent from the new plan is antibody and T cell testing.

Yesterday Jason came as close to honest as he has ever been in his life.  He is going to force you to take the Vaccine.  Although, he is still not honest about why he is forcing you to take the vaccine.  Jason still wants you to think that he cares about your safety.

The game plan has always been about performing medical experiments on us without our consent.  And now Jason is clear about that.  No one gets their rights back until we all comply.  Jason Kenney is pure evil.

We are all living in a Monty Python Skit

The Sars COV 2 virus is the smartest virus ever discovered.  The virus has now mutated to a point that it cannot be discovered.

Breton variant causes concern as it may not be easily picked up in tests (

This is my favorite line from the article.

Scientists have been examining whether the Breton variant can “hide” from tests, frustrating efforts to track down infections of a disease that is asymptomatic in some carriers.

COVID was always a very tricky disease.  I mean you had to be tested to find out you have it.  Now even if you are tested you could still have it.  You know must rely on the government to tell you whether you are sick.  I think I have seen this before.


I cannot figure out if I am living on the set of Idiocracy or if I am in a Monty Python skit.

Rachel Notley, Still Trying To Destroy Alberta

The Old School Communist hag who once inexplicitly got elected in Canada’s most capitalist province is at it again.  Here she is again advocating for the public health benefits of economic destruction.

Rachael is well versed in communism.  She knows that communism is the best way to suppress human life so why not try it on a virus?  Rachael is also well versed in lying.  Any communist that can get elected in Alberta is a world class liar.

Rachel tells the most convincing type of lie in this video.  One with a grain of truth.  Cases in Alberta are indeed going up.  Cases have been rising since March 12th.  They are now 250% higher than March 12th.

Hospitalizations are also up.

A 250% increase in cases has produced only an 18% increase in hospitalizations.  A shocking 0.007% of Albertans are now in the hospital with COVID.  According to Rachael the other 99.993% of us may as well get in line now.  We are all destined for the hospital if Jason does not increase unemployment.

I might be exaggerating a little on that one but what Rachel did say is that we will have 1000 people in the hospital soon.  Rachel has a funny idea of soon.  With each passing day we have about 2 more people in hospital.  At this rate we will hit 1000 people on January 31st, 2022.  We obviously need to make people unemployed now.

When you look at COVID related deaths Rachels evil really shines through.  Cases in Alberta started rising March 12th.  That means we should have seen deaths start to increase 9 days ago.  Here are the deaths.

COVID deaths are continuing to fall.  The last COVID death in Alberta was last Thursday.  Alberta is no different than anywhere else right now.  We are seeing a wave of Variants that are producing nothing more than positive tests.  Even this cannot last.  Cases will peak in the next 1 to 3 weeks and then fall as summer approaches.

The “crisis” is over the virus is mutating to a more infectious, less deadly form.  This is a good thing.  We can now achieve herd immunity without excessive deaths.  The only news that could be better than this is if Jason, Deena, and Rachel decided to leave Alberta.

My Nominee For Best Picture

I just saw the first feel good Canadian movie of the year and it was only 2 minutes long.  You can find it here.

Incredibly I found this little gem of classic Canadian cinema on an American news site.  It did not fit the government narrative in Canada so the media would not show it.  In Canada it is clear who the media works for.  They do not even hide it anymore.  I do not know why they don’t all change their name to Pravda.

John Horgan closed Restaurants before the long weekend.  Restaurants are of course unsafe because they force unsuspecting patrons to show up and get infected.  Lucky for the owner, Rebecca Mathews, her customers seem to be there by their own free will.  The 2 health inspectors were also exercising their free will to be assholes.  Something the customers did not appreciate.

Of course, Tyrants do not take challenges to their authority lightly.  It did not take long for the government to strike back.

B.C.’s public safety minister says consequences ahead for ignoring COVID-19 rules | Times Colonist

I guess that is why we have government; to prevent people from using their own money to support a local business.  I mean what kind of world would this be if we let any mother sell food to support her family.

Pushing back against this Tyranny is a moral obligation.  If we do not stop this government overreach now our children will never know freedom.  I congratulate these restaurant patrons for standing up and doing the right thing.  It would be an honor to shake their hands and buy them all dinner.

Of course, the tyranny in BC lands at the feet of the premier John Horgan.  Sadly, he is the rule and not the exception.  John Horgan like every single Canadian first minister is a man of low moral fiber.  He has no redeeming qualities as a human being.  Canadians need to clean house it is time for all these petty tyrants to go.

Politicians are the Threat, not Variants

I have not looked at Canada as a whole for a while so yesterday I checked the Canadian numbers and I noticed something very interesting.  Cases are increasing rapidly in Canada right now.  Presumably due to new variants.  This rapid increase in cases caused several premiers to ramp up lockdowns.  Of course these were premiers with populations that approve of tyranny.

I did not find it interesting that politicians who could use cases as an excuse for tyranny did so.  What I found interesting is that while cases are going up deaths continue to fall.  See below.

Of course Cases and deaths don’t follow each other on the same day.  Deaths always lag behind cases.  So are we on the cusp of increasing deaths?  To figure that out I have time shifted the curves.  When I do that for last season I found that deaths lagged cases by 10 days.

Deaths rose and fell 10 days after the cases counts.  When I do the same thing for the current season I get a 16 day lag.  With increased testing we seem to be identifying cases 6 days earlier.

Cases have been rising since March 7th (the red line).  With a 16 day lag, deaths should have started rising 2 weeks ago and they did not.  Deaths have continued to fall.

It is hard to tell with any certainty where the 2 curves diverge but it appeared to start in early February (the green line).  That made me wonder when variants were first identified in Canada.  I did not find that date but I did find this from Ontario.

In early February Variants started to increase rapidly in Ontario.   Correlation is not causation but the 2 line up nicely.  Could it be that the variants are more contagious and less lethal?  All Viruses mutate.  That is why the flu shot changes every year.  It is not uncommon for the new variants to become less lethal.  It is just natural selection.  A virus that does not kill as often, spreads more widely.

The interesting thing is that this is not just confined to Canada.  Finland, Norway, France, Germany, Sweden, and the Netherlands are all seeing increased cases without increasing deaths.  In fact every one of those countries now has average or below average deaths for this time of year.

The case plots come from worldometer and the deaths come from Euromomo. You can see them at the end of the post.

Variants are the new boogieman.  We will never get our rights back because of the threat of variants.  This whole farce started because of a viral threat looming on the horizon.  The original SARS COV 2 was going to infect and kill us all.  That did not happen.  What did happen was a bunch of evil bastards stole our rights and our money.

Now those same evil bastards tell us we need to remain locked down.  The lockdowns need to be ramped up due to how contagious the new variants are.  Of course the focus is now on the cases.  Deaths will surely follow cases; we are told.  The tiny problem with that logic is that deaths should already be increasing and they are not.

Of course logic is not the strong suit of many politicians.  Below is the front page of today’s Calgary Sun.  The preening Purple moron is very worried that people are not dying.

Evil or stupid it does not matter.  Nenshi and every other elected official in this country needs to go.  Then we start with the career Bureaucrats who are really in charge.

The Bureaucrats are in Charge

I came across this video yesterday.  It starts with Doug Ford admitting that no Canadian premier is in charge right now.  Every single one of them have handed control of their governments to the chief medical officers.  Do you remember voting for Deena Hinshaw?  Did you realize that voting for the UCP meant that a Rachel Notley appointed, career bureaucrat would run Alberta?

It has been obvious from the start of this farce that dominatrix Deena held the leash and the evil troll Jason wore the dog collar.  A very classic dominate/submissive relationship.  Doug Ford just admitted on camera that this is the norm in Canada, not the exception.  The Bureaucrats are in charge.  A Canadian first minister’s conference is the largest gathering of eunuchs since the days of the sultans’ harems.

The rest of the video deals mostly with Ontario.  It details how lockdown ideology is driven by a very small group of activists and academics.  This cadre of back room dealers have multiple conflicting interests yet they are still setting policy.  Please watch.


This video only re-enforces my opinion that dropping the lockdowns is not enough.  Suffering has been forced on millions so that dozens can profit financially.  Politicians sat impotently and watched.  Some even participated.  The only proper end to this tyranny is for people to be held accountable. Trudeau’s COVID internment camps should be put to use imprisoning all these bastards.

Lockdowns are Politics not Science

Once again I called it.  Jason Kenney did not increase restrictions yesterday.  Even though Alberta is seeing the same rising cases that spurred BC, Saskatchewan, and Ontario to ramp up lockdowns.  John Horgan, Scott Moe, and Doug Ford have been lawlessly depriving their citizens of rights for 12 months now.  Their political fortunes have risen because their populations enjoy subservience.  See the latest Angus Reid poll results below.

This poll is actually flattering to Jason Kenney.  A new poll came out just this week that paints an even bleaker picture for Jason Kenney.  Only 8.3% of Albertans approve of his performance.  Deena Hinshaw fairs a little better at 15.5%.

Albertans are also fed up with lockdowns and restrictions.

The pollsters admit their poll is not scientific but 42,000 people responded so it cannot be ignored.  You can see the poll results here.

Alberta opinion Survey – Google Slides

Albertans do not believe the propaganda.  Even the media fear campaign has not brought them around to the government position.  Remarkably, Albertan have figured out that eliminating rights and personal responsibility has no affect on viruses.

Lawless Tyranny has never been as popular in Alberta as other Canadian provinces.  Jason has been very slow to understand this.  Jason is slow to understand anything.  Thankfully, someone has finally explained it to Jason.  He is just not sure what to do about it yet.

Just once in this farcical Pandemic I wish I was wrong.  I predicted Jason Kenney would not follow other provinces because he is in trouble politically.  This is not the first time I have been able to predict behavior by considering politics and ignoring the virus.  A cynical person might believe lockdowns are political, not medical, interventions.

I am not the only person to notice that lockdowns serve purposes other than stemming an outbreak.  According to this doctor the purpose of lockdowns are to force you to get the vaccine.


Dr. Leana Wen is very concerned that if we lift lockdowns before everyone gets vaccinated, people will figure out we do not need the Vaccines.  I wonder how much money the good doctor stands to make off vaccines.

Alberta’s evil Troll is in an awkward position.  He risks more political damage if he increases lockdowns but lockdowns are the primary weapon to force vaccinations.  Albertans attitudes about the vaccine make this a huge problem for the evil Troll.  More than ½ of Albertans do not intend to be vaccinated.

Time is running out on Lockdowns.  In Belgium the Supreme Court has ruled that the government has been illegally extending emergency measures.  Because the emergency extensions are illegal the restrictions are illegal.  The court has ordered that all restrictions must be lifted immediately.

Don’t hold your breath for this to happen in Canada.  Our courts are horribly political.  Judges in Canada are simply unelected politicians in black robes.  Politics in Canada are horribly left wing and so are our courts.  That is why they always err on the side of tyranny.

Still as the rest of the world comes to their senses it will be difficult for Canadian Politicians to cling to lockdowns.  Even people who have elected Justin Trudeau twice are not that stupid.