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The COVID vaccines are a Godsend to the Green Movement

In Previous posts I showed data on abnormally low birth rates in Taiwan and Germany.  I found the data in Articles written for Substack by Igor Chudov.  This morning I discovered that Igor was also tracking Hungary and Sweden.  The data from those two countries is just as disturbing as Taiwan and Germany. Hungary records […]

It is not Possible to defend the Boosters

New Zealand is in the dead of winter, COVID cases and deaths are rising.  This is in a country where 86% are vaccinated and almost 60% are boosted.  Anthony Fauci or Justin Trudeau would tell you the problems are that not enough people have had their fourth shot.  That is a little hard to swallow […]

Big Pharma solving the Problem of Parental Neglect

There are anonymous reports starting to leak that children in Daycare are suffering seizures.  Once again we find these “rare” occurrences are only happening to vaccinated children, which is concrete evidence that it is absolutely not due to the vaccines.  Doctors are hard at work trying to discover how unvaccinated Toddlers are causing seizures in Vaccinated […]

Boris just never had a Jagmeet

Boris Johnson has resigned but just like Jason Kenney he is not going away.  Boris and Jason both wore out their welcome by pretending to be something that they are not.  They came to power promising freedom but delivered tyranny.  Both men are staying on as leader in order to stage manage their succession.  This is […]

An Engineering Solution to a Medical Mystery

The COVID days were heady days for Alberta Doctors.  For 2 years they were able to operate with absolute certainty.  They knew that the combination of masks, isolation, unemployment, intravenous drug use, and subservience to government would save humanity.  The fact that each of these had already been proven to be useless or harmful did […]

Justin Trudeau hates Canada and Canadians

For 2 years every death was a COVID death.  People with gunshot wounds and a positive PCR test obviously died of COVID and not the gaping chest wound.  Every death, no matter how ridiculous, was linked to COVID.  It is a pity that Vaccine injuries don’t get the same accounting treatment. I have a colleague […]

A very Canadian Debate

I just saw this article about how COVID is still a serious threat to Canadians.  I found the first line of the article very interesting. COVID-19 cases are on the rise again in Canada, and the blame lies with the two rapidly spreading Omicron sub-variants, also known as BA.4 and BA.5 variants. Did you know […]

Compliant Canadians have now become Pin Cushions

On June 15th I wrote about the implications of the new fully protected designation.  This is what I predicted at that time.     So now it does not matter how many doses you have had.  What matters is how long since your last dose.   It is now endless in Canada.  Theresa Tam can set the […]

Pfizer Fears the SEC but not the FDA

Pfizer gained emergency use authorization by submitting fraudulent data to the FDA.  Despite being fined billions for previous lies Pfizer is obviously not afraid of the FDA.  Pfizer is comfortable in the knowledge that the FDA will be careful with the size of any fine.  The FDA will make sure that the fine is only […]

It is Easier to Lose a Country than you Think

Happy Independence Day to my American readers.  As a Canadian I envy you because American’s still have a fighting chance to win back their country.  In America you have politicians and public figures willing to speak out against what is happening.  In Canada we don’t have that.  We have had a few politicians jump on […]