Politicians are Following the Science, Their Destination is not what you think.

A friend sent me this incredible TED talk from 2018.  Dr. Christine Stabell Benn gives a short presentation of her research results.  Dr. Benn was researching overall health impacts of vaccines.  Her research provided conclusive results that have been ignored because the vaccine debate is such a political mine field.

The official narrative is vaccines are good for public health because they protect against disease.  There is a small but vocal group of dissenters who claim vaccines come with a host of detrimental side effects. Effects that governing bodies refuse to acknowledge.  Their position is that the damaging side effects outweigh the benefits of vaccination.  Dr. Benn’s research shows that different vaccines have different outcomes and depending on the vaccine either side can be correct.

Until the arrival of mRNA vaccines all vaccines fell in to 2 categories; live virus or dead virus.  Dead virus vaccines are judged to be safer since they protect against the disease but cannot cause the disease.  Dr. Benn’s work proves dead virus vaccines are far from safe.

Dr. Benn’s showed the more “dangerous” live virus vaccines improved immune function and resulted in overall health benefits.  The more “safe” dead virus vaccines were detrimental to immune system function and led to negative health outcomes.  It is all about how the vaccine trains your immune system to work.  Take a few minutes to listen to her explanation.


After watching this presentation a light went on.  First this was consistent with what I learned in grade school about the immune system.  I remember being taught that the immune system is like a muscle.  You need to use it to keep it strong.  Our immune system needs to be constantly challenged and exercised.  A live virus vaccine gives your immune system a better workout than a dead virus vaccine.  We should have expected live virus vaccines to have better overall effects.

The second thing that struck me was that this research casts serious doubt on mRNA vaccines.  The mRNA vaccines do not use a live virus.  They do not even use a whole virus, just a small piece of one (the spike protein).  If a dead virus conditions a poor immune response what does a piece of a dead virus do?

The science says that dead virus vaccines have overall negative health impacts.  They are not safe and we should not be using them.  It is pretty easy to extrapolate this to mRNA vaccines.  We should have expected that they would ultimately do more harm than good.  We should have been very cautious about using them.  Instead we decided to inject everyone on earth.

This is just one more example of how we ignored all of the science while we were following the science.  When this started we did not know much about this virus but we did know a lot about other viruses and immune system health.  Things that we had no reason to believe would not apply to this virus.  Things like;

  1. Almost all respiratory viruses are airborne

This means that masks, social distancing and partial lockdowns will have no effect.  We did all of these things when we had no reason to believe that they would work.

  1. Stress kills

Multiple studies have shown the detrimental effects of stress.  The earliest study I am aware of was done over 1000 years ago in Persia.  We have known for more than 1000 years that stress leads death and we ramped up stress with lockdowns and enforced unemployment.  Not only did we have no reason to believe that lockdowns would work we knew that they would cause death.  Something the data now clearly shows.

  1. Respiratory viruses are seasonal

The restrictions are stupid.  Restrictions during the summer are doubly stupid and did nothing but keep stress levels high.

  1. Non-sterilizing vaccines cause more problems than they solve.

The COVID vaccines are non-sterilizing.  That means they do not prevent infections.  We know these vaccines can be dangerous because the virus has time to mutate and find a way around the vaccine.  This also happens with bacteria.  Over use of narrow spectrum anti-biotics produced super bugs that cannot be treated.

We are doing the same thing with COVID now.  Leaky vaccines should only be used in targeted situations.  I.E. just vaccinate the vulnerable.  Using leaky vaccines on the general population will lead to problems.  We have known this for years, ever since chicken farmers found out the hard way.


  1. Hydroxychloroquine and other anti-parasite medications are also strong antivirals.

Anthony Fauci co-authored a paper after the first SARs outbreak that proved Hydroxychloroquine was effective.  We should have immediately tried hydroxychloroquine.  Instead we banned it.

  1. Dead virus vaccines cause more problems than they solve.

It is clear from the excess deaths in highly vaccinated countries that Dr. Benn is 100% correct.

Dead virus vaccines cause increased mortality.


The science is clear.  We should not have done anything that we have done and continue to do.  The science says that everything we have done will produce negative outcomes.  Not a damn thing that has happened is not consistent with the science.

At first I was very critical of politicians for not following the science.  Now I realize they are carefully following the science.  They are just not using the science to save lives.  Their objective is to destroy society while killing as many people as possible.  Their playbook is completely guided by the science.  If it kills use it; if it saves ban it.  It is a good thing there is not a noble prize for murder.  The candidate list would be to long to manage.

Canadians are Blind to Vaccine Problems

I had a Friend Ask me why we are not seeing the same problems as England and Israel.  That is a very good question.  How can I claim that the vaccines are causing so much trouble when we don’t see any problems in Canada?  My answer is that right now the problems are obscured by government incompetence.

The Canadian government and senior bureaucracy are incompetent.  The highest levels of both are staffed with people who have only one skill.  That skill is the willingness to lie.  The only industry that values that skill is Government.  Career advancement varies inversely with truthfulness.  You don’t need to be a good liar just a consistent one.  Remember it was government that said “a lie repeated often enough will be accepted as the truth”.  It is the consistency of the lie that maters not the quality.  That is why we pay carbon taxes.

This government incompetence helps hide the problem in 2 ways.  Timing and data quality.  Right now timing is the big one.  The Trudeau government took months to figure out you can’t just talk about vaccinating people.  Someone needs to go out and buy the vaccines before you can use them.  The result of their childish planning is that Canadians were vaccinated about 2 months after England and 4 months after Israel.  The problems England is seeing now we will see in December.  Problems Israel is seeing now will manifest in Canada around February.

Our Procurement problems means that Canadians are still in the Vaccine honeymoon period.  That is the 4 to 6 month period when the vaccines work and ADE has not yet surfaced.  Even though we are in the honeymoon the signs are already pointing to problems.  By Aug 15th most people had received their second Jab.  At that time only 24 % of people in hospital were vaccinated.  9 weeks later that number has risen to 39%.

Vaccine effectiveness is waning.  As I have posted previously the loss of protection accelerates with time.  In a month or 2 the vaccines will offer no protection.  This has happened everywhere.  We have no reason to believe that it will not happen here.  Trudeau’s incompetence just pushed our problem in to the winter.

The other way that government incompetence keeps us in the dark is data quality.  The only numbers the Canadian government publishes without delay are COVID cases and deaths.  It is easy to keep these numbers up to date because they are fictitious.  They can be whatever you want them to be.  The important number is total deaths.  Our Bureaucracy is a lot less diligent when it comes to simply counting bodies.

Stascan publishes death figures every 6 weeks.  The updates are always 10 weeks behind and even then are nowhere near accurate.  As I have discussed in Previous Blog posts I never use this date without making substantial upward adjustments.  The last Update on October 14th has data up to July 15th , but data from June on is far from complete.

All over Europe excess deaths started soon after the second jab.  We have no reason to believe this is not happening in Canada.  We just don’t know it yet because of the poor quality of the data.  There simply is no good data since June, when he second jab started in Canada.  Right now we are blind to any problems.

That really is the problem with Canadians, we are happy in the dark.  It is a form of willful blindness.  We prefer to believe fairy tales over reality.  We believe the vaccines are working without evidence just as we believed the lockdowns worked.  For 2 years we have been told that our health care system is the on the verge of collapse yet we still believe it is the best system in the world.  What does a poor system look like when the best system in the world can’t handle cold and flu season?

Justin Trudeau once said that Canada is the first post national state.  That means Canada is not a nation and you cannot define what it is to be Canadian.  As always Justin is wrong.  It is easy to define what it means to be Canadian.  To be Canadian is to be arrogant in ignorance.  It is to believe that the failures of our government and system are somehow a measure of our success, and envied by other countries.  No wonder it was so easy for the government to remove our rights.

There is no Logic to Vaccine Passports

If the COVID Jabs work then unvaccinated people pose no danger to unvaccinated people and vaccine passports are unnecessary.  The Jab protects people not the piece of paper.  If the COVID jabs do not work then it is no more dangerous to be around unvaccinated than vaccinated.  The distinction is moot therefore Vaccine passports are unnecessary.  If every country in the world has COVID then it is not possible for a traveler to introduce it someplace new.  Vaccine passports do not make travel any more or less safe for either the sending or receiving jurisdictions.

There is no circumstance in which vaccine passports improve public health.  Forcing someone to be vaccinated for a bad seasonal flu has no substantial public health benefit.  The logic is very straight forward.  Despite that very few people seem to understand it.  Thankfully there are a handful of people who do.  Ivor Cummins is one of those people.  The following video is his latest.  Again it is very simple to understand.  There was never an emergency.  We did not need lockdowns or masks.  We sure as hell don’t need vaccine passports.


Vaccine Hesitancy Increases with each Jab.

I know a many people who have been jabbed.  Very few did it because they were concerned about what the virus would do.  The majority got jabbed because they were concerned about what the government would do.

The fearful of government group fell in to 2 camps.  One group wanted to avoid travel restrictions and the other were willing to do anything to keep government from closing their business again.  The lockdowns brilliantly served their true purpose.  People were willing to do anything to keep the government at bay.  Any intrusion on their life would be accepted as long as it was attached with a promise to return to normal.  Billions accepted medical treatment they did not need in exchange for freedoms they would never have lost in a lawful society.

How many of those people are suffering from Buyer’s remorse now?  They blindly injected unknown, and largely untested, chemicals to live free of restrictions.  Restrictions that they still live under.  The government now blames the restrictions on those who are not obedient.  A media campaign turned un-jabbed to untouchables.  Most people were stupid enough to accept this simplistic and ridiculous explanation.  Thankfully some have awakened to the realization that the government lied.

The liars that said freedom comes after 2 jabs are now saying freedom will take a third.   Millions of people are no longer buying it.  Over a million Israelis chose to join the untouchables rather than take another injection.  Now we have this out of Britain.


Almost half the people eligible for boosters have not shown up to be injected.  The media of course was spinning this for the government, claiming the problem was delays.  This line from the article caught my eye.

“The delay is believed to be a key reason why only around 4.5 million out of the 9.3 million eligible people in England have so far received the third dose.”

We are supposed to BELIEVE that 4.5 million are un-jabbed due to delays.  Why must we accept this explanation on blind faith?  The article describes waiting lists.  If there were 4.5 million names on the waiting lists, this would not be about belief.  We would know with certainty that people wanted the boosters.  Of course there are not 4.5 million names on the list.  Millions of Britons have decided they have had enough.  They no longer believe government promises and will not be turned in to pin cushions.

The Jab’s effectiveness is almost completely gone after 6 months.  Worse yet in the waning phases ADE sets in.  Canadians started to receive their second doses in June.  Most people were fully jabbed by August.  That means the majority of Canadians will see their protection evaporate and ADE set in between December and February.  The peak of flu season.  What will happen then?  When the government rolls our boosters will people be panicked in to taking them?  Or will Canadians refuse as millions of Israelis and Britons have done?

I know what my answer will continue to be, but I am not the average Canadian.  The average Canadian believes Justin Trudeau is qualified to run a G8 economy.  That puts us firmly on the path to extinction, the jabs have only accelerated our journey.


How many Journalists does it take to Change a Light Bulb?

Throughout this fake emergency I have been very critical of the media’s involvement.  None of this would have been possible without media cooperation.  My assumption is that the media is populated with evil, dishonest people.  I may have to change my assessment.  Apparently some are just clueless.


It took this German Broadcaster 12 years to realize he was being paid to lie.  At the end of the article the journalist asks a series of questions that almost all start with “why don’t we know more about”?  He is so unaccustomed to discovering the truth that he doesn’t even realize it was his job.  I can answer all of his questions for him.  We do not know more about all of your topics because the media has been actively suppressing information.  Full stop; it is your fault.

It is interesting that this journalist worked for a public broadcaster.  Public broadcasters are often seen more favorably than for profit media.  They do not deserve this benefit of the doubt.  Public broadcasters are no different than the rest.  Often they are worse.  The publicly funded Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) has long been one of the most biased and least reliable sources of misinformation on the planet.  They take more than a billion dollars of tax money every year to distribute left wing ideology disguised as news.

Thankfully the rot in the media is not complete.  There are a few outliers.  Some are even aware enough to notice the abnormal number of bodies.


In the Pre vaccine world it was hard to find a problem.  Despite the breathless reporting most countries saw nothing more than a single bad flu season.  The Nordic countries didn’t even see that.  The media helped the government to craft a panic narrative by calling every death COVID.  This is a practice that continues today.  The Wicked Witch of the West just got caught classifying a brain cancer death as COVID.  The CBC then got caught pretending a mannequin was in the ICU with COVID.

Maybe if we stopped using ICU space as movie sets we would have more room for patients.

We did not have a problem before but we do now.  Excess deaths are up in every highly vaccinated country.  It is not hard to find bodies now and the media is refusing to look.  Reporting news is of no interest to most media.  Their primary concern is simply manufacturing opinion.  They are more than willing to lie in pursuit of that goal.  The Washington Post uses the slogan “Democracy dies in Darkness.  Wouldn’t it be nice if “journalists” would stop turning off the light?

There is Something Seriously wrong with Canadians, and it is not COVID.

The short video below shows 750 workers at GE walking out over the vaccine mandates.


Obviously not all of these workers are unvaccinated.  Vaccinated Americans are risking their livelihoods to stand in solidarity with unvaccinated workers.  This is how you oppose tyranny.  If even 10% of the population stands up the government does not have enough police or soldiers to do anything about it.

This video shows that there is hope in the US.  Evil might not prevail.  Unfortunately there is no Hope for Canada.  Evil has already won.  The signs are everywhere people just don’t see them.  Last week Alberta Health Services, the useless bureaucracy that runs all of the hospitals in the province, announced that 92% of their workers have been vaccinated ahead of the deadline.  At the time I thought this was odd.  Vaccination rates are high in Alberta but 92% is abnormally high.  Also this is not consistent with other jurisdictions where vaccination rates among heath care workers is lower than the general population.

Then I saw this article.


The 92% number comes from reducing their head count by more than 26,000 employees.  The articles points out that they are now only counting permanent employees.  This explanation cannot be true.  That would mean that all 26,000 temporary employees were not vaccinated.  That is statistically impossible.  Obviously what happened was that unvaccinated permanent employees were replaced by vaccinated temporary employees.  It is unclear if they are now employed on temporary contracts or just released.

AHS staff are unionized.  The Union did not oppose any of this.  Anyone who has ever worked with or for a union understands the profound implication of what just happened.  25 years ago I supervised a union operation.  As a supervisor I was not in the union but it was imperative that I understood the union contract and the nature of union contract law.  The first thing my employer did was send me on a course to learn the most important aspects.  The course spent a lot of time on the principal of “past practice”.

It is simply impossible to anticipate every situation and put it in to a union contract.  The contract would be a million pages long.  That makes the principal of past practice incredibly important.  If management has always allowed the union certain privileges, like leaving early on Fridays, then that privilege in effect becomes as contractual obligation.  You cannot prevent anyone from leaving early on Friday for any reason.  Likewise, if there are provisions in the contract that the union allows management to ignore those provisions become unenforceable.

During my time as supervisor I had to deal with a problematic employee.  There was a process I had to follow.  The same process that had been used unsuccessfully by previous supervisors for this same employee.  When it was my turn to walk down this path the union president came to me and asked “will you please get it right this time?”  You see the union did not want to defend this guy.  He was incompetent and abrasive.  His incompetence caused work for others and he was constantly in conflict with other workers.  The Union desperately wanted to get rid of him but they were not willing to let management bypass the process even once.  If they did that then there would be no process and management could get rid of anyone they want.

The Union representing the Unvaccinated AHS workers just allowed the government to bypass the processes 26,000 times.  The Alberta government can now fire anyone in that union for any arbitrary reason.  Essentially there is no more union.  Why the hell did the union let this happen?  American workers are standing up for each other while Canadian Unions are abandoning their dues paying members.

It is not just unions that are caving without a fight.  Here is the moronic man-child explaining again that the law is what he says it is.


The Moronic Man-child is planning to restrict domestic travel to vaccinated people only.  Freedom of movement is “protected” by the Canadian Charter of rights.  Nowhere in that document does it say that government gets to choose who it does and does not apply to.  What he is doing is clearly illegal and no one said anything.

What exactly is domestic travel?  If you live in a bedroom community can you still travel to the city to work?  Can you leave your house and go anywhere?  Where will the check points be and who will man them?  The private security that are now being hired?  Untrained renta-cops will now be the premiers’ private armies.  What could go wrong with that?

Vaccinated people have their head firmly impacted in their rectum.  They just don’t get it.  They do not understand the precedent that is being set.  Past practice is that Canadians have rights.  That no longer applies.  If the government can deny rights to unvaccinated they can also deny rights to vaccinated.  In fact with this policy they already do.  What happens when your cell phone doesn’t work and you need to pass a checkpoint?  A dead battery suddenly makes you one of the untouchables.

Canadian’s are blissfully unaware.  They also have zero interest in the welfare of others.  Some of the untouchables used to be their friends and they just don’t care.  As long as the government is not persecuting them they are quite content to let the government persecute their former friends.  There is some sort of genetic defect afflicting the majority of Canadians.  They do not value freedom or friendship.  They no longer even have the most basic animal survival instincts.


Vaccines are Setting the Stage for Lockdowns

I have a friend who is very interested in how the vaccine effectiveness changes with time.  He is constantly updating data and plots for me.  His latest update is very interesting indeed.  He took the English data from the NHS and plotted each successive week as its own series.

With each passing week the data gets worse in every age group.  You can see the line for each week sinking further below the previous week.  3 weeks ago every age group above 40 was more likely to get COVID than the unvaccinated.  Now even the 30-39 group has fallen below zero protection.  Of course the younger you are the most recent your vaccine.  This plot clearly demonstrates the vaccines do work for a short period before ADE (Antibody Dependent Enhancement) sets in.

The change over the last 6 weeks has been dramatic and appears to accelerate with time.  The distance between the lines is increasing.  Where will this stop?  Will we get to a point when vaccination guarantees you will develop COVID?  Prior to the vaccines about 80% of people had some sort of prior immunity.  Multiple studies and sources showed that.  The vaccines have changed all of that.  We are in for a very bad winter indeed.

I have no doubt that the government will use all the people they made sick to justify complete lockdowns.  Once again they manufactured an emergency to justify their lawlessness.  We should have pushed back against this 20 months ago.  Now it might be too late.  There will not be enough healthy people to stand up and say no.

Systematic Suppression of Negative Vaccine Information

Today I have 2 long but interesting and worthwhile videos.  The first is a presentation Dr.  Peter McCullough made at a medical conference.  Dr. McCullough is the author of the McCullough protocol for treating COVID.  The objective of the McCullough protocol is saving lives.  It does this very effectively.  Using his Protocol results in 85% fewer deaths.  Our governments have endorsed a very different protocol.  It is a non-treatment protocol.  “Care” providers are to stand by and do nothing.  The objective of the government protocol is to produce bodies to support the narrative.

As you might imagine, Dr. McCullough is very critical of the government protocol.  He is also quite critical of the Vaccines.  This is the most forceful I have seen him.  He wants us to understand this is obviously orchestrated.  The orchestrators, whoever they are, want bodies and our governments are dutifully providing them.

His vaccine information was very good.  I found it very interesting that, contrary to popular belief, the vaccines are still not FDA approved.  They are still being used under emergency use authorization.  Part of the authorization is that people administering the vaccinations are legally obligated to report adverse reactions.  Overwhelmingly this is not happening.

That is where the second video comes in.  Dell Hightower interviews Deborah Conrad, a physician’s assistant who is losing her job due to the vaccine mandates.  The hospital she works for is very glad to see her go.  Deborah has been a thorn in their side since she discovered her legal obligation to report vaccine injuries.  For months Deborah tried to get the other PAs to file VAERS reports with no success.  She tried to help by filing reports for the other PAs.  She was told to cease and desist.

The Hospital administration was concern that reporting vaccine injuries was bringing undue attention to the hospital.  They stuck out because other hospitals were not reporting injuries.  Reporting injuries also ran counter to the hospitals official policy of supporting the vaccines.  These administrators were fully aware that the vaccine narrative would not survive the truth.

Deborah even had a lawyer draft a letter to the FDA detailing the culture of non-reporting.  You can see the letter here.


The FDA has known since July that hospitals are not following the conditions of the emergency use authorization.  Their reaction has been to turn a blind eye.  The FDA is just going through the motions.  Pretending to protect the public while acquiescing to the wishes of politicians and pharmaceutical companies.

At least the FDA is pretending, Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) is much more overt in their support of the ruling elite.  They just sent out a letter instructing companies to ignore the reporting requirements.


In the US, one arm of the government is instructing people to ignore rules from another.  The US has now adopted the Canadian practice of selective law enforcement.  Some faceless bureaucrat gets to decide which laws apply to which people.  COVID is definitely deadly.  It is killing democracy and rule of law everywhere it goes.

You can find the McCullough presentation here.

Winning the War Against Therapeutic Nihilism & Trusted Treatments vs Untested Novel Therapies (rumble.com)

And here is the Conrad interview.



Vaccine Passports are being Challenged in Ontario, Now all we need is a Unicorn

There was some very good news out of Ontario.  Someone is finally challenging the Vaccine mandates.


Coercing someone to accept medical treatment does not just violate the Nuremburg code.  It also clearly violates Canadian law, yet every province in the country is doing it.  Once again the “kings” in each province have decided that the law is what they say it is and applies only to those they decide.  This is not how our country is supposed to work but unfortunately we have seen nothing else for almost 2 years.  It has been rule by decree and Canadians were docile enough to accept it.

It is not just my opinion that the mandates are illegal.  The Supreme Court has already dealt with cases were individuals had treatments and surgeries performed on them against their will.  The courts always sided with the patient even when claims were made that the treatment was necessary for the patient’s safety.

While this court challenge is heartening we are not out of the woods yet.  In a functioning constitutional democracy this case would be a slam dunk.  Unfortunately we do not live in a functioning constitutional democracy, we live in Canada.  A banana republic where bench appointments are political and the courts have a sad history of ignoring the law.

There is a good chance that we will lose this battle.  The sad fact is the war is all but over.  We lost our country decades ago when we allowed judge appointments to be politicized.  Canadians were blissfully unaware that our democracy was being stolen.  But hope does spring eternal.  There is still a chance that this case could land in front of a judge who got there on merit.  They are rare in Canada but they still exist.  All we need to stem the tide of tyranny is a judicial Unicorn.


A Game of Covid Vaccine Chicken is playing out in Quebec

I saw this article a couple of days ago.


Below is an excerpt from the article.

On Friday, the union sent formal notices to local and provincial health authorities informing them of this weekend’s plans. It also issued a deadline of Nov. 15 to ban the practice of forced overtime entirely or face action from the FIQ.

The November 15th deadline is significant.  The Quebec Government originally set October 15th as the deadline for health care workers to be vaccinated or face termination.  As the date approached the government realized they would be faced with terminating thousands of employees from an already understaffed system.  The Government blinked and extended the deadline until Nov 15th.

What difference will a month make?  Vaccines have been available in Canada for over 10 months now.  A friend of mine was quick to point out health care workers had priority; if they are not vaccinated now extending the deadline won’t change anything.

So what is the government’s plan?  Surely they must realize they are playing a game of chicken that they have already lost.  What do they hope to accomplish before Nov 15th?  There is no possible way to train or recruit new staff by the deadline.  They will be faced with a choice.  Back down again or terminate people and attempt to run the system with far less staff.

The Quebec Health care Union anticipates that the government will opt for running the system even more understaffed.  The Union has thrown a monkey wrench into the plans by serving notice that option 2 is now off the table.  My guess is that the government will “solve” the problem that they caused by closing hospitals.  They will make the system smaller so that they can claim they are not understaffed.  People will die, but when has any government been averse to killing its own citizens?

Unvaccinated Health care workers is not just a Quebec phenomenon.  Nurses in particular are a large issue.  I don’t know what the % unvaccinated in nurses is, but anecdotal evidence suggests it is higher than in the general population.  That should cause pause for thought.  Unfortunately in the Modern western world the vast majority of people are just not capable of thought.  Our society is an inverted pyramid.  It has been built by a small minority of people capable of critical thought.  The rest are just along for the ride.

For those that struggle with critical analysis, I will try to explain in a way you might understand.  We have been dealing with COVID for 20 months.  We are now dealing with vaccine injuries.  Nurses have cared for thousands of patients in both categories.  Nurses have seen both sides of the coin.  The danger presented by the virus and the danger presented by the vaccine.  Nurses are in the unique position of having all of the information unfiltered by the media.  With real information Nurses are choosing to take their chances with the virus.

This really is all you need to know about the vaccines.  The people with the most experience with it will not take it.  Here is a nurse in the US explaining the circular logic of mandatory vaccination.


The whole vaccine argument is ridiculous.  The only reason we are mandating a treatment almost no one needs, is that the people endorsing the vaccines have a vested interest.  The conflicts of interest are egregious and criminal.