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Is it finally Time to Prosecute the Criminals?

On Sept 13th 2021 I published an article detailing 4 reasons why I choose not to be vaccinated.  Looking back 7 months later I think my 4 reasons have stood up well but I realize I missed one very important reason.  With the passage of time that reason has emerged as the primary factor why I […]

The CBC is Canada’s Ministry of Truth

Our governments have failed us.  Most people have not yet realized magnitude of failure is and the government is desperate to keep it that way.  That is why government is going to such extremes to control information.  If people have access to information eventually most will discover things government would rather keep hidden. Take inflation […]

In Canada the Communism clock is 4 minutes to Midnight

Communism and its evil twin socialism are the largest killers of the 20th century.  It is shameful that people flee communism only to arrive in the west and find it here.   Make no mistake we are closer to this than you think.  Canada has already signed the WEF “Agile Nations” agreement.  “Agile Nations” like Canada […]

“Journalism” keeps Canadians Distracted and Blind

A few weeks ago I linked an article about a mysterious hepatitis outbreak in children.  It seems that article left out a very important detail that Tedros explains here.   @camo191273 #duet with @kimberly21171811 #fyp ♬ Epic Emotional – AShamaluevMusic These Children developed all of the symptoms of hepatitis without being infected with any of […]

Our “Free” Press Campaigns against Freedom

Justin Trudeau brokered a deal with Jagmeet Singh that will keep him in power for 3 more years.  The liberal party hopes that 3 years will be enough time for people to forget the disgusting things government has done in the name of public safety.  3 years is certainly enough time to imprison every free […]

Canada has descended in to a Police State.

The rolling thunder protest arrived in Ottawa and was greeted by riot police.  People were arrested for the crime of protesting.  It is not that they were protesting it is what they are protesting.  Protesting, even violently, is legal in Canada as long as you are protesting in support of the government.  Protesting government actions or […]

More evidence Lockdowns Kill

A paper was published recently that looked at excess deaths in 2020.  They use all-cause mortality which is the only number that counts.  The paper compares wealthy countries with old populations.  Every country in the group except Sweden utilized harsh lockdowns.  The plot below shows the peer group and their relative rankings in overall excess deaths. […]

This was never about a virus. It has always been about Freedom.

In Justin Trudeau’s Canada the irony is so thick you can cut it with a knife.  Canada is simultaneously spending billions to defend freedom in Ukraine and billions to destroy freedom in Canada.  Most Canadians have accepted their loos of freedom without complaint.  A few people have, however, stood up to Justin and have paid […]

Lockdowns suppress Immune Systems and Freedom but not Viruses

Lockdowns clearly did not work.  If you are still stupid enough to believe that they did please explain this plot to me. South Dakota did absolutely nothing.  Governor Kristi Noem refused to lock down because lockdowns violate constitutionally guaranteed rights.  North Dakota did lock down.  After seeing this plot do you think the people of […]

Political Careers require COVID to never end

This morning I want to start with this brief clip of Dr.  Ryan Cole discussing how mRNA suppresses immune systems.  I have discussed this before.  In order for the mRNA to have time to work your immune system must be temporarily suppressed.  This is a design feature of the Jabs.  The problem as Dr. Cole […]