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Well that did not take Long

Two days ago a posted an article by an incredibly dishonest government supported “journalist” named Andrea Woo.  Ms. Woo used her national soap box at the Globe and Mail to disseminate dangerous vaccine disinformation.  The article heralded a new study “proving” unvaccinated people posed a disproportionately high risk to vaccinated people. The study is painfully, […]

You taxes finance COVID Theatre

Canada is about to change the definition of fully vaccinated to 3 doses.  You might ask how I could possibly know that.  Well it’s easy, I know this because I am already watching act 2 of some very carefully scripted COVID Theater. Just yesterday I posted the latest junk science “proving” unvaccinated people pose a […]

Andrea Woo, certified COVIDiot.

Andrea Woo and the Globe and mail are colluding with the Trudeau liberals to justify mandatory vaccination.  How do I know that?  Well if they were not why would they publicize obvious Junk science?  Researchers have used a model to determine that allowing unvaccinated to mingle among vaccinated increases the risk to vaccinated people.  You do […]

Lockdowns are an effective tool for controlling People but not Viruses

There is now a published Canadian study concluding that Lockdowns don’t work.  They looked at the effect of lockdowns in the 5 largest Canadian provinces that accounted for 95% of all cases.  Here are their conclusions. Overall, our analysis provides little evidence that banning public gatherings, closing schools and universities, placing stay-at-home orders, controlling travel, and […]

Spring brings only a façade of Freedom

Spring has arrived and ended cold and flu season.  Once again it was spring and not masks, lockdowns, or vaccines that caused COVID cases to fall.  Political pressure in many jurisdictions caused politicians to drop restrictions during cold and flu season and guess what, dropping restrictions made absolutely no difference.  Our respite from government COVID […]

Do not let them get away with what they have done.

The COVID vaccines may have ended another lucrative sports career. Of course everyone is careful not to blame the vaccine.  It is perfectly normal for a young fit person to develop serious blood clots, especially after taking a medication known to cause, you know, blood clots. Rare medical conditions are no longer rare and it […]

A win for rule of Law

A federal judge in the US has struck down mask mandates for travel.  People on airplanes and buses no longer need to wear masks.  Immediately the media pointed out that Donald Trump had appointed this judge.  With the media when the left gets what they want it is science but when the right prevails it is […]

Politics makes strange bedfellows, the media now likes Jason Kenney

Voltaire was not questioning the existence of God.  With this statement Voltaire was simply observing that people need something to believe in.  We need to believe in good and evil and most want to believe that they are on the side of good.  That makes the opposite of this statement also true.  If the Devil […]

Far less people would die if Government would just stop Helping

I found this article today.  The author took a detailed look at all cause mortality for the state of Massachusetts.  The author compared 2020 and 2021 to the previous 5 year period and found some interesting things.  Below are a two plots from the article. This plot compares actuals from each year.  The author took […]