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Killing is easier for Governments than admitting they were Wrong

There is another paper out documenting the destructive nature of lockdowns.  I wish I could stop talking about lockdowns but I can’t stop because the government won’t stop.  Only days ago I posted that most of the UCP leadership candidates think lockdowns are an effective tool that they would use again.  None of these sociopaths should […]

Virtue signaling is not Power, it isn’t even Virtuous

Vladimir Putin is teaching woke Western Leaders a hard lesson in what constitutes real power.  When Russia invaded the Ukraine we were told the west would cripple Russia with economic sanctions.  The senile pretender in Washington kicked Russia off the sprint system.  Russia could no longer sell energy for US dollars.  The media told us […]

No one likes being lied to

Vaccine hesitancy is growing and so is vaccine regret.   This nurse is not alone; a new poll shows that 10% of vaccinated Americans regret their decision.  I suspect that this number will only increase with time.  Even people who have escaped injury will regret getting vaccinated because no one likes being lied to and it […]

COVID Policy is the only issue in the next Election

Recently on his program Bill Maher made a statement that I found very interesting. “There are people who are going to vote based on COVID policy”. God I hope he is right; I am one of those people and I hope I am not alone. Every province in Alberta utilized harsh lockdowns and chose to […]

We have always had a Choice

A Dutch study came out last month.  The study looked at Hospitalizations and ICU requirements for vaccinated COVID patients.  Can we finally stop calling the clot shots vaccinations?  If they were vaccinations there would be no such thing as a Vaccinated COVID patient.  Semantics aside their study had some very important findings.  Vaccinated people are […]

Despite what Fauci says, Scientists are not Science

There is a new study out on Sudden Death in athletes.  The authors recommend further study which really means they want more research grants.  The only thing that they were able to conclude was that doping i.e. steroids are not a major contributing factor.  Below are their conclusions in their own words. Sudden death in […]

If you want to keep the Lockdowns just keep Vaccinating

When the lockdowns were first announced in March of 2020 I was immediately critical.  It was obvious none of the restrictions were based on science.  Not a single person “following the science” had even the most basic understanding of science.  I started an email distribution group pointing out the distinct lack of science that eventually mutated […]

The World owes a Debt to the Unvaccinated

A friend sent me these 2 videos yesterday.  The first video is Mark Steyn interviewing Dr. Clare Craig about recently released German data.  The data shows that 1 in 500 Germans have experienced a vaccine injury.  About 1/3 (1 in 1500) of the injuries were serious enough to require medical assistance. The most interesting part […]

It is Time to shatter Myths.

It was always a myth that the COVID vaccines would prevent infection.  By their design it is impossible for them to prevent infection, something I pointed out on this blog over 1 year ago.  There was never any evidence that the Jabs prevented infection and now jabbed and double boosted people are getting COVID multiple […]

Prison is too good for Them

A Friend sent me this article yesterday.  Every woman thinking about having a baby needs to read it. The Baby’s mother is in the British Royal Navy.  She was vaccinated while she was pregnant as a condition of employment.  Thanks to the vaccine her child developed blood clots in the womb.  At week 37 with […]